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Posted by chupchup at Jun 16, 2007 5:30:04 AM
Re: QM II is sooo not working.
4 n' a halfish rows, SF. I'm pretty sure I didn't miss anything, and ram damage DOES look bit overrated. It's right now set at 1,5 lcb equivalent, in the conditions of WB vs WF.

And I'm chill. I just abuse expresional acronyms too much. Lol...

It sounds highly unlikely that 3 large + 3 rams would inflict 27 blocks.

A single War Frigate ram vs. a Sloop inflicts 18 blocks, I tested this personally. Done to a War Brig that's going to translate to 7.2 blocks (there's that evil number again...) round it down to 7, and QM shows this correctly.

Possible scenarios that would've given you about 27 blocks:

2 rams, 3 shots: 28 blocks
3 rams, 1 shot: 26 blocks
4 rocks, 3 shots: 26 blocks
3 rams, 2 shots from a Merchant Galleon: 27 blocks
3 rams, 3 shots from a War Brig: 25 blocks

I have been looking into this whole damage thing since I found that the Wiki page I had been using (the Ship article) was inaccurate, it used to say that rocks and rams dealt the same damage, and this was contradicted by by QM and the Ram article, so I went through and cleaned it all up, carefully, after extensive testing. All articles are now consistent with each other and QM's reports, except for the other thing we were talking about... sigh.
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