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Posted by Rohane at Jun 15, 2007 2:54:15 PM
Re: QM II is not working.
I used to have QM 1 but i decided it was time to update to QM II

I downloaded everything fine and just as it was written.

But my first time loading it says i am supposed to get in THEN link my crew. Somehow the thing is searching for pirate first then immediately goes to loading crew....
i never selected any options, just click my pirate name and then go. Then while it is "loading my crew" it freezes and i am forced to wait and then get the non-responding message.....

I have no clue what i have done wrong.. i tried re-downloading, doing it with PP on and open, off, on my crew page, and every other possibility (that i can think of).

I am extremely confused... :/

I had this same problem at first. Your best bet is to first make sure that your logs are in the right place that it's pointing to get them. Also you might want to disable the Yohoho parsing. Also try not making it a Universal Pirate. Then if that doesn't work. Uninstall and try again. I know once I got a bad download for one reason or another. Hope this helps.

I did as you suggested and by re-downloading i meant just that, uninstall and re-download.......:/ Thanks for trying but i am still lost....Any other ideas? Anyone?

*sighs* Looks like you and me are in this together mate. Disabled the parsing, disabled universal pirate, still freezes.

Problem is, I think it might not be with the chatfile coding but rather the crew database coding?

I don't mind going back to QM I so long as I can just use it again.. doing WF's without it is a PAIN.
No one agrees with him. Then again he doesn't agree with anyone else either.
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