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Posted by Ploute at Jun 14, 2007 1:13:41 PM
Re: QM II is sooo not working.
I'm thinking to change it to 7 days though.

Why not say 10 days cause then it would be the same as the pirate going dormant? Just a thought.

Also for some reason when I put in a Custom Damage counter the numbers on the Damage Counter still don't respond when I hit a CB or Ram of either type. I can see it registering in the number of blocks it shows but the number doesn't change on the Dmg Counter itself which is a problem.

Lastly you unfortunately didn't entirely fix the problem with using Auto Chat in a puzzle. I tried to use one while I was in a Nav puzzle and it wouldn't work. Either with hitting it first or hitting ESC then the key. Neither optioned seemed to work.

Otherwise so far so good.

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