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Posted by Soar at Jun 13, 2007 8:13:24 AM
Re: Damage Counter math

At last its ready.

Here be the patch notes for version 2.2. You should get a notification of the update the next time your run QM.

QuarterMaster V2.2 Patch Notes

- There is now an option to have QM remember your settings when specifying the chat log or yohoho.log locations manually. This option is located on the Set Up panel, on the login screen.
- Autoplank should now reset to off every time you board a new vessel. Re-boarding the same vessel will leave the setting as is.
- The pillage reset pop-up should no longer appear when trying to board a ship in battle.
- Fixed problems causing damage score broadcast options to reset to percentage.
- The help button in the program options window should now work correctly.
- QM will no longer let you log in if your chat logs are more than 48 hours old. This is to help detect out of date, and possibly incorrect, chat log connections.
- A warning is now issued if QM cannot find a PP game window which matches your current QM pirate and ocean.
- The auto detection of home ship types should work correctly now on both the vessel info panel and damage counter.
- My Crew is now automatically linked and updated whenever you log in if you have the load crew on start up option turned on.
- The Baghlah images have been added.
- Hopefully fixed the pillage window sizing problems caused by Windows Vista. Please let me know if this has worked or not.
- Added buttons to allow you to jump to the end or beginning of a training course. The jump-to-end button will only take you as far as your current step.
- I am unable to get auto chat to drop you out of puzzle mode to send a message. I also tried this on the old 1.7C version and found it was broken there too. So this may be a PP client change. For now you will need to manually hit the ESC key before sending auto chat messages while puzzling (let me know if this is not working). This problem will likely mess up all QM chat commands while you are actively puzzling, including auto plank... bummer.


Please let me know if that Vista sizing problem has been fixed with this update. I don't have access to this OS myself.


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