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Posted by Nemo at Jan 19, 2003 3:21:12 AM
Re: Nemo Said
I agree entirely, but there are some points to consider: firstly, what happens if the "kitty runs dry"? And will there be a warning (to all logged-on Officers) when this gets close? And how will it be filled (by anyone at any time)? And who can remove from it (and can this be customised by the captain)?

Personally, what I'd really like is if it were possible to set the Crew Shares such that, say, half a share or a full share or two shares of ANY money made on board ship goes to the kitty. Wouldn't that be sweet? <big grin>

A lot of these are things that will happen with crew purses. Warnings when it's running low might not be included. If your officers can't balance their checkbooks, you need new officers. Shares of pillaging can, I believe, go to the kitty and the amount can be set by the captain.
The other big thing that will fill the crew purse is sales of plunder. As we all know, once commerce hits the archipelago, defeated ships will render up commodities as well as Po8. These commodities can be sold (just like legitimately owned commodities) and the profits from these sale go to the crew purse.
I believe there will also be a way to simply put personal money into the crew purse, but if you're a reasonably good merchant/pillager, you should be okay keeping it full.

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