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Posted by Rengor at Jan 18, 2003 11:20:06 AM
Sea Battle and token creation
Just took a crew of 5 Mad Mutineers out to do some pillaging.

It struck me that 4 players on sailing is just not enough to create tokens to catch up with the large sloops. Granted one member was new and a couple not all that old yet, but that should still be possible?

Now NPPs on the other hand are glorious token creators. Just one NPP with decent to low sailing skill is usually enough to get your tokens fast enough.

The balance needs to be corrected. NPPs should probably be slower at creating tokens. And the tokens created by players should be higher (perhaps 2 per platform?).

It should be preferable to want players onboard and not NPPs!

Also, the 3 ships are wildly different to chase. The brig will run out of tokens after 3-5 turns. The large sloop will always get 4 tokens and is really hard to catch. And the small sloop will usually run more slowly after 5-6 turns.
The small sloop is nicely balanced. But the other two needs adjustment.
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