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Posted by pikaro at May 25, 2007 7:00:50 PM
Re: Pirate(s) Seeking Crew(s)
Arr, its time for me to join a new crew, I've been with mine since July 22, 2006. I am currently Captain/Senior Officer of Ultimate Chaos.

My Stats (Stats may be different by the time you contact me):

Sword Fighting: Weighty/Legendary
Bilge: Weighty/Master
Sailing: Expert/Master
Navigation: Broad/Able
Battle Navigation: Weighty/Grand Master
Gunnery: Solid/Distinguished
Carpentry: Solid/Respected
Rumble: Novice/Able
Treasure Haul: Novice/Able

Pirate Name: Deeogee

I am looking for an active, talkative, loving, selfish, everything but selfish. If you rarley pillage, do not contact me. If you are a huge crew, over like 200, do not contact me, if you give the rank SO to anyone with good stats, do not contact me. If you are a noob crew and have very little ships, do not contact me, if your flag is not active, do not contact me.

I am not afraid to start at Officer in a crew. Pirate is stretching it. As long as I can work my way up through thr ranks from Officer to Senior Officer I'm happy.

I currently have one Painted Black/Grey Renamed Sloopie, one Dhow, four Brigs and a frig.

Click on "Deeogee" in my signature for my Biography.

Deeogee, (Send PM or Tell!)

Look through my crew info and if you're happy come and speak to me or pm and we can talk further.
Bhubba Captain of Nautical Hoodratz

Explorer of Cobalt Ocean
Hunter of the seas

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