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Posted by Kucey0 at May 25, 2007 5:16:24 PM
Re: Pirate(s) Seeking Crew(s)
Arr, its time for me to join a new crew, I've been with mine since July 22, 2006. I am currently Captain/Senior Officer of Ultimate Chaos.

My Stats (Stats may be different by the time you contact me):

Sword Fighting: Weighty/Legendary
Bilge: Weighty/Master
Sailing: Expert/Master
Navigation: Broad/Able
Battle Navigation: Weighty/Grand Master
Gunnery: Solid/Distinguished
Carpentry: Solid/Respected
Rumble: Novice/Able
Treasure Haul: Novice/Able

Pirate Name: Deeogee

I am looking for an active, talkative, loving, selfish, everything but selfish. If you rarley pillage, do not contact me. If you are a huge crew, over like 200, do not contact me, if you give the rank SO to anyone with good stats, do not contact me. If you are a noob crew and have very little ships, do not contact me, if your flag is not active, do not contact me.

I am not afraid to start at Officer in a crew. Pirate is stretching it. As long as I can work my way up through thr ranks from Officer to Senior Officer I'm happy.

I currently have one Painted Black/Grey Renamed Sloopie, one Dhow, four Brigs and a frig.

Click on "Deeogee" in my signature for my Biography.

Deeogee, (Send PM or Tell!)

~ Retired ~

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