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Posted by AvaPoet at Jan 18, 2003 12:19:58 AM
Nemo Said
NPPs will charge based on time, not nodes (and will give you a quote accordingly).

Ah well. I'm glad of this change...

[Ava runs away and starts to exploit this while I can get away with it]

If all officers log off (intentionally or otherwise), the NPPs aboard will wait 5 minutes before considering themselves dismissed (then waiting the usual 30 seconds before they jump ship).

Sounds good, so long as the previously-hinted at change whereby anyone may log onto a ship that they were on before they were disconnected, if it was in the last 8 minutes. Was that suggested, or did I dream it? It's a good idea, anyway.

This should work in conjunction with the posted solution to the "ship full of NPPs" problem. If you're out at sea and your ship is full, but has NPPs and a crewmember wants to join you, you can just fire an NPP and then invite your crewmember aboard.

Yes yes yes yes yes!!!

(and if you've never seen an orgasm typed before...)

Once crews have crew purses and stores, NPPs will be hired from that reserve, rather than with the funds of the hiring individual. This would avoid the need for NPPs to shift to crew leadership once aboard. They will always be under the full crew leadership, once hired.

I agree entirely, but there are some points to consider: firstly, what happens if the "kitty runs dry"? And will there be a warning (to all logged-on Officers) when this gets close? And how will it be filled (by anyone at any time)? And who can remove from it (and can this be customised by the captain)?

Personally, what I'd really like is if it were possible to set the Crew Shares such that, say, half a share or a full share or two shares of ANY money made on board ship goes to the kitty. Wouldn't that be sweet? <big grin>

Pleeeeease. Make it happen.
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