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Posted by Loren_S at May 15, 2007 1:41:21 AM
Re: QuarterMaster II - Public Release - Support
1) It was not able to autodetect my crew. Manual did work

As long as you can get your crew info, that's the main thing.
No big deal but something that can be hunted down if there is a bit of time :)
2) I install in a non-default-directory. It seems there are some pathes hardcoded in the helpfiles.
Yeah, could be that this are only the frameworkfiles.
I at least could get back by selecting the first Helpitem.
4) The autochats that were bound to keys U-Z are lost in the upgrade.

U-Z were removed in QM2 as there isn't enough room on the panel.
I know that. But those messages were the ones I use most and wanted them at 1-4. Now I had to type them again.
Also not a big deal but is a bit of an annoyance.
BTW Why not simply keep U-Z and just have them only availiable through /uu-/zz?

And some other thing:
Using the reset menu (at the top) closes the whole QM and restarts it. Thats quiet annoying, especialy if I only want to reset the pillaging thing but not the chatlog.
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