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Posted by Soar at May 13, 2007 9:14:29 AM
QuarterMaster II - Public Release - Support

Welcome to the support thread for QuarterMaster II.

Please post any issues you are having with the software here and someone should be along to help you soon.

QuarterMaster II is not a Three Rings product. The Oceanmasters and other game staff cannot offer help support for it. If your problem is not answered in the QM help files then please post it here.

What is QuarterMaster II?
QuarterMaster II is a third-party application made to assist players of the game Puzzle Pirates published by Three Rings Design Inc. It was created by Tailspin (Soar), and designed with input from many members of the Puzzle Pirates community.
The main focus of the application is assisting with the management of vessels at sea. However due to the large number of features included with QuarterMaster II, players have also found it useful in several other areas of the game.

System Requirements
The system requirements are little higher than those needed to play Puzzle Pirates alone. This is due to needing to run both programs at the same time.
- Windows 98 or later
- 800mhz processor
- 512mb of memory
Currently QuarterMaster II is only supported on Windows based systems.

Things to note before using this software
- QuarterMaster has been approved by the game developers as a third-party program for use with Puzzle Pirates. Its use is subject to the conditions laid out in the Puzzle Pirates Terms of Service.
- The creator of this software is not responsible for loss or damage to any property caused by its use. This includes in-game items and funds.
- As with all software, if you do not trust it, please do not use it.

Start-up Guide
1. Uninstall all previous versions of QuarterMaster.
2. Download the setup file from
3. Run the installation file. It will place shortcuts in your program menu and one on the desktop. Please feel free to delete them.
4. If you are having trouble with the InstallShield Express installation file try using the Zip file. Many windows versions will allow you to open the file as is, but you can also use WinZip (free demo) to open it found here: WinZip Site . Extract the QuarterMaster folder to any directory you like. You can then run the program or create shortcuts by using the QuarterMaster.exe file in the main QuarterMaster directory.
5. Load up Puzzle Pirates.
6. Because the game reads all info from the chat log file, you will need to enable this. Go to the "Options" window and then the "Chat" tab and select a directory to save your chat logs to. Please remember this directory. There are also detailed instructions on enabling the PP chat logs in the QM help files.
7. The app will sit on the side of PP, so you need to be running the game in windowed mode (it is designed for a minimum of 1024x768 resolution). You can set that option from the "General" tab in the same options window in PP. You'll need to restart PP after turning this on.
8. Load up QuarterMaster.
9. Choose the correct pirate and ocean you are currently playing and press the "Go" button to open the main QM windows.
QuarterMaster II includes systems to detect the location of everything it needs from Puzzle Pirates. If you are having troubles please see the trouble shooting section of the QM help files or post here for support.

Feature List
Note: All features in QM1 that used the QM server have been removed as the server has been shut down. This includes pirate registration, MIB, and private chat rooms. All blockade payment features have also been removed.

The Pillage Window
This is QuarterMasters main working window. It is the long vertical window that will usually be on the left of your Puzzle Pirates game client.
Along the top you will see your pirate name and ocean followed by the Relog, Help Files, and Program Options buttons.
Below this is the YPPedia search function. You can enter any text here and search for info about it in the official YYPedia. To the right of the YPPedia search box is your pirate's in-game status indicator.
Directly below the YPPedia search box is the PTB system. Then you have the chat message and stat loading queue status bars. Followed by the display area for your various lists (pay-cut, black list, vessel list, gold list, and crews list).
Directly below your pirate's in-game status indicator is your Black and Gold list alert indicators. These will list the names of any players on your black or gold lists when they step on your vessel. Then you have the control buttons to open various other windows in QM. Followed by the AutoChat panel and vessel information panel.

The Lists
This shows a list of everyone on your vessel as accurately as possible, using the info gained through the chat logs. Pirates are added and removed as they board or leave. You will need to be on the vessel at the time to receive these messages. If you get off the vessel, you will miss some boardings and leavings. However, the list will update itself accurately after finishing any battle that does not end in a disengaging. You can also enter names manually via the drop down box at the bottom. A number up the top shows how many people are onboard. There is also an action menu you can bring up by selecting any pirate on the list and right clicking.
Pillage Icons : These are the new icons that appear next to the names of pirates who are on your pillage. Each pirate has a bar able to display a rank icon and duty stat icons. It can also display an icon indicating members of your gold and black lists.
The rank icons appear in five colors., blue for your own crew mates, green for other crews, pink for jobbing crews, yellow for independent pirates, and gray for bots. The rank insignia correspond to the insignia used for rank badges on doubloon oceans, which in turn correspond loosely to the insignia used by the British Royal Navy. Pirates who whose rank you don't know yet are displayed as a blank green rank icon.
Pirates who are on your gold list will get a gold star icon at the head of their stat icon bar. Pirates on your blacklist will get a black and red diamond shaped icon.
The skill stat icons are mostly self explanatory, but here they are just in case: BNav (Purple "Helm"), Guns (Red "G"), Navigation (Green "N"), Sails (Yellow "S"), Carpentry (Brown "C"), Bilge (Blue "B"). These icons will be displayed when you have the stat data for the pirate recorded in your pirate database, and their stats fulfill the requirements set in your program options. The default setting for each duty puzzle is "Master" or better. To customize your icon bar display settings, go to the pillage options tab in the program options window. You can set the skill cut-off levels, display order, and even choose to turn off specific icons completely.

Pay Cuts
This list helps you keep track of pirates to receive pay cuts in the booty division. You can enter names manually, via the crew list menu, or you can set program options to have QuarterMaster auto-add any pirate who is planked or leaves in battle during the pillage. Right click to remove pirates, and clear the entire list with the button up the top.

Black List
There are two sections to the black list, temporary and permanent. The temporary section is intended for pirates who you wish to keep on your list for a certain amount of time, such as first time offenders. The permanent is for pirates who have proven them as bad eggs. You can set options to control your black lists in the program options window.

Gold List
This is a sort of un-official hearty list. You can put pirates in here that did well on your pillages. You won't get any online/offline notifications like your PP hearty list. Common choices for this include pirates who are good b-navvers, gunners or who get incredibles on duty reports.

Crews List
Mostly for use by frequent jobbers. Here you can store names of crews you like or dislike. The names on these lists will trigger gold and black list alerts in the pillage window when you receive job offers from them.


The PTB System
This works exactly the same as it did in QM1. Please see the Wiki documentation of this version located here: QuarterMaster 1 Wiki Link.

This too works the same as it did in QM1, see documentation here , with the following enhancements.
- Four special AutoChat buttons have been added, and 5 of the old ones removed to make space. The new buttons are a little larger and have customizable labels. You can set them up in the same AutoChat options window as the old ones. The button labels can be changed by setting the text in the first column of the options page. Their main purpose is for frequently used messages.
- AutoChat messages can be triggered by PP chat commands /aa->/tt, and /1->/4 for the new special buttons.

Vessel Information Panel
This works the same as QM1. It shows the critical stats for the various ship types.

The Chat Log Window
This is the long window that runs along the bottom of your screen. It's not very high but you can re-size to suit. All the messages going on in your PP chat will be split into the appropriate tabs in this window. The first tab on the left will give you system messages about what QuarterMaster is doing. The little lights on each tab will light up when they receive a new message.
There is a new text input box in your QM chat window that will allow you to type directly into the selected channel. The channels for each log are as follows:
* QM System, Speak/Crew/ = (Plain speech, No channel command)
* Tells = (/tell LastPirateTell)
* Greeter = (/greeter)
* Officer = (/o)
* Flag Officer = (/fo)
* Royalty = (/r)
* Other = (/me, emotes)

My Crew
Your full crew list, including ranks, can now be stored on QM. The crew list is tied into a number of other features.
The very first time you log in to QM2 with a new pirate, or a pirate that has never used QM2, the program will open the crew details window and ask if you want to link the pirate to a crew. This is a very good thing to do as it will let you see extra information on your pillages and will stop you doing silly things like auto-planking the Captain.
When you first link a crew you are given a window to enter your crews ID number manually, as well as an option to try to detect your crew automatically. The automatic detection should work just about all of the time if you are connected to the Internet and don't have the yoweb pages blocked. If it doesn't work you will need to enter the crew ID manually.
Once the crew is linked all current full members will be loaded and sorted into their ranks on the rank tree. From there you can click on individual members and view their stats and other information from the pirate database.
By itself, the crew details window doesn't really offer much functionality beyond viewing and editing your specific crew member data, and providing a place to record vessel ownership.

The Pirate Trainer
This is basically a system that will walk players through an interactive training course. It will give them game info and may set them tasks at each step. The system includes a curriculum editor that will create a single tradable training file. So you can create and hand out new training programs specific to your crew, or to areas of the game such as particular puzzle guides, shopkeeping, flag politics, and so on. Courses can include text, hyperlinks, graphics, sound files, and videos. The initial programed with QM2 is a basic officer training course. The goal of this feature is to create a more engaging method of learning game concepts and techniques than conventional text guides, as well as provide an easier way for Captains to train their crew members.

The Pirate Trainer Editor
This is the editor used to create courses for the Pirate Trainer.
Before attempting to make a course of your own on this editor, it is best to have a look at the Officer Training course that comes installed default. The original editor file is also included so you can load that up and see what it looked like before it was compiled.
You can open the editor from the "Editor" button on the opening window of the trainer. There are four pages on the editor. When you first load it up to start creating a new course you will need to fill in all the course basic info on the first page before continuing on to create the individual steps with the remaining three pages. Each step consists of the speech text the training character will say to the trainee pirate, along with the character's portrait. You can also set tasks for the trainee to complete. and include any media files you wish. If you set one of he check-able task types the system will check to make sure the trainee has completed the goals before allowing them to move to the next step. You can add further steps to your course by pressing the buttons up the top. You can preview your course in the Pirate Trainer window at any time using the preview button, as well as save and load your course with the respective buttons. When your course is complete and ready for distribution, press the "Compile" button and the editor will create a single ZIP file which can then be installed by any QM2 user. ZIP files can usually be distributed as attachments on e-mails, or as Internet downloads without problems.

The Booty Manager
This works the same as QM1. The blockade payment features have been removed however, and a forage counter has been added.

The Voyage Planner
This helps you when stocking a ship for a pillage. It works the same as it did in QM1.

The Damage Counter
Includes all the same features as QM1 along with the following enhancements.
- Added rumble support.
- All option controlling this window have been moved to the Program Options window.
- Full customizable score broadcasts.

Pirates (Database)
QM2 has a new pirate database built in that is stored on your local drive, in your QuarterMaster directory. As you pillage through the oceans this database will will grab the names, and sometimes stats, of any pirates you should happen to sail with. This information will remain in the database for use in later logins. It will also keep a pillage relative history for each pirate, including things like plankings, desertions and total jobs. The database is linked into a great number of features throughout QM2, but you wont actually ever see it in the traditional list-up table style.
The Pirates button will bring up a pirate record editor with which you can view and edit the info for individual pirates. Here you can enter things in the general notes section or input the ships they own, change their crew, flag etc etc...
You can also open the record editor by right click any pirate in one of your lists and select "Edit" from the pop-up menu.

Updating the Pirate Database
Once a pirate has been recorded in your database QM can then download their full information and stats from the yoweb. However measures have been put in place to ensure that QM users don't put too much strain on the yoweb servers. I'm pretty sure these are the same servers the game client uses to display many of it's own info pages. The Three Rings developers have been kind enough to publish these on the Internet for us, and have been doubley kind in allowing them to be used by QuarterMaster. So I've put in some restrictions governing how much, and how fast, each user can load from the yoweb.
The most noticeable of these restrictions is the Load Que. This will queue all loading requests and only allow them to be sent at a rate of one per minute. All pirates who are currently in the Loading Que will have a red dot at the head of their stat icon bar. There are two ways you can request pirate data to be loaded. The first is automatic, but will only load your own crew members details, and only for members who board your current vessel. The second way is to request a pirates details manually by using the right click pop-up menu on the on-board vessel list.
All requests will go into the above mentioned loading queue, but manual requests from the pop-up menu will be put at the front of the queue while automatic crew member requests are added to the end of the queue. You can see how full the queue is on the Load Que indicator, located below the old Chat Message Que indicator. Like the Chat Message Que, the Load Que can hold up to 21 requests and can be paused with the Hold button.
Another less noticeable restriction on yoweb access is how often you can update an already known pirates data. Once you have loaded the data for a particular pirate you wont be able to request an update on the same pirate for at least 7 days. This applies to both manual requests, and automatic crew member requests.
Please keep in mind the system is not designed to allow users to know the stats of everyone on-board at all times. It is mainly there so the information for key members, like crew mates and gunners, is easily visible.

Program Options
Tonnes and tonnes of these as you can see when you open this window. Press the Helm button in the top right to open it. It would be best to check out the QM help files for full info on all options. There is a lot of useful mini tools in here.

Easter Eggs
Yes there is a new one of these in addition to the old Flash egg. Once again it's just there for fun, and once again I won't be posting the trigger for it. I'd also like to ask those who have found it not to post it openly on the forums.

Reporting Bugs
If you find any bugs with QM2 then please be sure to post them to this thread so they can be fixed asap.

Finally a huge thanks to all the beta testers and players who contributed to building QuarterMaster II. This has truly been the work of many hands and many hours.
And of course special thanks to Lizthegrey for allowing us to try new things.


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