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Posted by Grinfish at May 10, 2007 5:05:07 PM
Re: A guide to vintage whine
sadly though the technique or exploit that we're sampling at the moment isn't a 2006. So far 2007 hasn't had anywhere near the bumper 2006 harvest, I'm hoping that an early summer will certainly help with the quality.

Of course, we all know the secret to a good batch of T or E, is to start with a firmly crushed sour grape, and slowly introduce two or three particular favourite fruits of mine - the full-bodied fiery richness of the Chavez, the tangy unique forum tartness of the Piepi variety, and the pale, complex, oft misunderstood -and oft mistaken for leaving a bitter aftertaste- Shuranthae from Ultimate Vineyards.

Generally, any combination of the above will result in a strong, dry flavour with several different twists, each fighting for dominance of the palate in it's own way. Best served cold.
Whitewyvern. Distinctly Limey.
Retired, No regrets.
Unretired, still No regrets.
Available in Cerulean and Obsidian flavours.

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StuManchu puts the "sensual" back in "Nonconsensual"

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