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Posted by Nemo at Jan 17, 2003 6:20:01 AM
NPP changes
Right now NPPs shouldn't leave a ship unless the person who hired them leaves it or he's been logged off over 30 minutes. When the player who hired an NPP logs of, the NPP is considered fired and will leave when the ship reaches port.

Changes to be made imminently:
- NPPs will charge based on time, not nodes (and will give you a quote accordingly).
- Fired NPPs will wait 30 seconds to see if you change your mind, then they will leave your ship, wherever it is.
- If all officers log off (intentionally or otherwise), the NPPs aboard will wait 5 minutes before considering themselves dismissed (then waiting the usual 30 seconds before they jump ship).

This should work in conjunction with the posted solution to the "ship full of NPPs" problem. If you're out at sea and your ship is full, but has NPPs and a crewmember wants to join you, you can just fire an NPP and then invite your crewmember aboard.

Changes to be made later:
Once crews have crew purses and stores, NPPs will be hired from that reserve, rather than with the funds of the hiring individual. This would avoid the need for NPPs to shift to crew leadership once aboard. They will always be under the full crew leadership, once hired.

These changes should clear up a lot of the NPP issues.

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