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Posted by shellyanne at Jan 17, 2003 5:23:53 AM
NPP's and how they behave on ships
[quote][quote] Would it be possible to let the NPPs stay onboard when docking, but add the option to ask them to leave the ship. That way we actually want to dock instead of having to go look for more NPPs over and over again. It would be realistic that the NPPs would want to keep working for us until we ask them not too, after all they are pirates just like us.
They do stay aboard. It's only after you fire them that they go ashore when you put into port.

However, fired or not, they will attempt to leave a vessel if there are no humans players aboard for some long period of time (like 30 minutes).

Part of the problems were having with the whole npp issue is that the things samskivert pointed out in a past post don't actually work that way.

1. Npp's WILL leave when you dock even if they have not been fired, I almost always lose at least 1 npp every time we dock and frequently they all leave.
And this is when there are 1 or more Officers on board the ship when we dock.
Which makes docking to pick someone up a real pain, since there is a decent chance you will also have to spend a half hour replacing your npp's.

2. Something that happened twice last night, I and another PP and 3 npp's were on a ship and if the person logged off or got disconnected the Npp's would go from hired to non hired status again and I would have to rehire them. One time this happened while docked and all the npp's walked off.
I'm an officer and I was definitely still on board.

Is this the way it's supposed to be? or are these bugs?
This keeps getting brought up in various threads, but I don't think it's getting across that we think these things are broken since were being told they should be working differently.

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