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Posted by tkp42 at Apr 21, 2007 8:16:40 PM
Ice's Bizarre Bazaar!
Ahoy, mates!

Here be the rules for using the Bazaar forums. Ease of use is the number one priority so please keep this forum reasonably readable by reading and following the Bazaar rules:
  • Always use proper [buying], [selling], [trading], [auction], etc. tags in your post topics.
  • Do not bump threads. If you have something to add to your offer it is fine to reply to your post but if there is no interest in your item, do not bump the thread.
  • The Bazaar is only for in-game or game-related (avatars, etc.) items.
  • Use the sticky threads at the top of each Bazaar forum if your item belongs there.
  • Do not 'Hijack' other player's listings. If you have something similar for sale, or a cheaper price, please post your own thread.
  • Trades between Oceans is not permitted.
  • Selling, renting or giving away manager positions at stalls or roommate additions in houses is not permitted. For your protection, never add random players as managers or roommates.
  • If you are selling or auctioning your items via third-party sites, please do not create a new thread on this forum.
Posts or threads that do not conform to the above rules may and will be deleted without warning. Outdated or completed trades may also be removed to keep the forums clean.

Have fun and happy trading!

Bilged anything older than 3 months. Added standard bazaar rules and stickied. Enjoy.

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