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Posted by homullus at Jan 17, 2003 12:44:36 AM
Forum Subdivision
I don't know what the software is like for this stuff, but it's getting to the point where perhaps we need some subdivision. One thing I've seen is that boards that exist for a while get very very long . . . newbies (and some lazy oldbies) lack the patience to sift through all the old pages of posts for advice. Once there are 1000 people here, I don't want to log into the forum and see 50 or more "Plz helpp Im new her I cantt figur out nav game ;-) ;-) ;-)" posts every day! It's making me angry already, and it hasn't even happened yet. There should be one for the existing puzzles alone, at least. One for a marketplace, maybe, if people want to advertise goods or services. There's gonna be some KewL_D00Dz eventually, and we can't avoid them, but some more structure will be helpful later.

Can we disallow special characters and numbers in people's names? Or are we already doing that?

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