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Posted by LongJohnGrey at Apr 28, 2004 5:24:22 AM
Re: How to Create Videos
atteSmythe wrote: 
LongJohnGrey wrote: 
What do people recommend for making a movie? Realistically, I'd have to record in Mpeg 2 (real time), and convert to Mpeg 4 (divx) afterwards.

Don't convert.

It's not actually a conversion - it'll compress the video, uncompress it, and recompress it again. What you end up getting is all sorts of transcoding errors. MPEG audio codecs, I know, can be pretty bad about these cascading artifacts. I imagine that the video is the same or worse.

Thank you, actually. I was not aware that the audio was distorted that badly if decoded and reencoded.

However, I'm thinking more of the video compression. MPeg 2 video (is that layer 1, btw?) can be compressed faster than MPeg 4 video (at least for DivX). MPeg 2 can be done in "real time" (encoding at say, 20-30 fps), while DivX gives me about 8-12 fps.

If I wanted to take a movie of myself playing some of the puzzles, with commentary (hence the audio), so that my officer's could give me feedback on what I'm doing badly, then I need to capture enough fps of video; I can then use DivX to make it small enough to transfer. VirtualDub at least allows me to copy the audio over unchanged, so it won't get any artifacts, and for voice over a cheap microphone, I'm not sure it makes that much difference anyways.

But I do want to thank you for that ... research paper / term paper posting (:-) [had to say it, couldn't resist]

Oh -- video wise, converting MPeg 2 to MPeg 4 doesn't distort that badly. At least, not for a single pass. Repeated Divx re-encoding does worse. [Divx is like VHS -- a prime copy is good, a copy of a copy is ok, and third generation is noticably poorer. At least, for the older 4.x codec series.]
Re: Market on Scurvy Reef:
Hypnos wrote: 
I didn't realize it was such a hot forage spot until I dropped it and three pirates showed up on the island in quick succession.
And it wasn't even 9 spaces from the arrow :-).

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