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Posted by Butmummy at Apr 10, 2007 2:33:15 AM
arabesques avatar shop
yay i've finally worked out how to make new threads and i've started my own avatar shop!!

here are some examples:
pigswillgirl's avvi

baldbruiser's avvi

arabesques's (my) avvi (or it will be when i work out how to get it on there

if you want one post it here with ur details and a pic of ur pirate if you have any preferences as to what it says or what you are wearing post that too along with your pirate name and if you like your crew name too!

first 2 people to ask for one will get there's for free but usually the basic avvies are 1k, the detailed ones are 1.5k but if you want a really complicated one then i might ask you to pay 2k.

the money payable to arabesque on the cobalt ocean, we can post a time we will both be on.

if there is anything else you need to know then just post your questions here!
Aphrodites of the Cobalt ocean

avatar made by me!!

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