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Posted by ScurvyBee at Apr 22, 2004 1:55:10 AM
Re: Sea Battles
cowdarse wrote: 
I'm new to sea battlin' so am sailin' wi bots.(3)......cos I don't want to let anybody down but meself! But, with 1 bot on carp and 2 on sails, I am constantly waitin' fer tokens to build up and can't make "fancy" manoevers that I can see would be good. often when I'm waitin' fer tokens I'm hammered...... and the bilge fills slowin' me even more.........
any advice would be welcomed with unconfined joy. Well, it wouldn't really but I'm feelin' a bit depressed what wi' all me failures.

I solo a lot when I try to memorize leagues. I've found that I can keep a good supply of tokens generating if I put all three bots on sails, and I take bilge/battle nav. This makes me vulnerable to being hit, but it helps me conserve tiles and avoid colliding with the brigand. I also never use more tiles than the brigand does, unless I absolutely have to.

Once I get hit, or I need to reload guns, I'll move a swabbie back to carp and continue doing bilge/battle nav or guns/battle nav. It's hard to play two puzzles at once, and your field of view is very limited, but it's worth trying.

Of course, this assumes that what you want to do is avoid the brigand. I never hunt brigs solo; why handicap yourself if you don't have to?

Good luck!
Iole, Retired Flirt of the Cult of the Red Mantis
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