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Posted by daviddavison at Jun 13, 2008 7:34:23 AM
Re: Ultimate Intent for Admiral
Meh I think you should build a flag and then go get beat up by PA. Just kidding but seriously if you have to pay war to get an island I disagree, maybe more time on the political front works. HE went against SOS in a fairly paid blockade and jobbing went thier way. So just my thoughts on that one and if you start up the pay wars all you do is destroy some flags that actually worked hard to get where they are. Meh I am finished.
/e goes back to his Krak Rock to hide and build more ships to sink.

Joh to my friends Mr. Johanson to all others....

Built a new computer. So easy even a Joh can do it.

Nooblar only retired because he misses me playing.

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