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Posted by Poulsv at Jun 13, 2008 7:31:25 AM
Re: Ultimate Intent for Admiral
Want to give away poe?, make something more suitable like 1K segment, it is so obvious that they want to make LoL waste their resources.

Want to have a fair blockade? do you politics correctly, don't try going away trying to buy people and islands with your "hard" earned PoE, or mess around large islands doing whatever you want with them just because you want to earn more PoE.

I don't know but something is fishy here, attacking just large islands with such crazy blockade pay. As I said before it just "island buying". Also I find a bit fishy that we have not really direct replies from royals and monarch from the flag if I AM NOT WORNG. I have not checked around.

But whatever happens you must be sure that LoL will be there defending.
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