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Posted by sed729 at Jun 13, 2008 6:52:41 AM
Re: Ultimate Intent for Admiral
I love how any alt every OBVIOUSLY is tied to PA. Really guys, there are lots of other people on Sage. Also, 1million PoE says that the forum alt you guys love you would hate if you knew who it was. (Vil keep hiding, it is your only chance!) =P

I DO NOT think outpaying to try and get even jobbing, or to just win at Admiral is necessarily bad at this point in time. I just think STARTING at 4k a seg sets a pretty ugly tone. But, Vil does make a good point and the distributing of PoE is a good thing. So there are pros and cons.

Also, as someone who DOES care about Admiral I do worry about what happens when someone like Wazzy or Boi gets their paws on it. Are we going to see a scuttle fest with loads of paving? Or are we going to see them take care of it?

The war of attrition should be amusing though. Welcome BTV to Sage and lets watch the pay wars go to Hunter level.
Blar wrote: 
It *was* special, and now i'm sober.

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