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Posted by Br0kenAngel at Jun 13, 2008 6:13:57 AM
Re: Ultimate Intent for Admiral
Also having such payment only shows that they are trying t buy the island and not trying to have a fair competition for it.

Quite the contrary. For a flag having their first blockade, the only chance at having a "fair competition" against LoL is for them to pay 4k/seg and you guys to pull all of your massive jobbing support from both Sage, Viridian and Hunter. Consider that even an experienced blockade flag which has been able to pull a fair number of jobbers on their own (PA) was significantly outjobbed by LoL at an Admiral blockade. When that happened, and PA upped pay to attempt to make the blockade more "fair" I remember posts saying that you guys had every right to keep the blockade the way it was because it was all about winning the island. Why, now, has it become about a "fair competition?"

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