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Posted by Vilnius1 at Jun 12, 2008 6:18:41 PM
Re: Ultimate Intent for Admiral
Polie, over a year ago it was rumored that LOL had an 80mil+ bankroll; one would assume that your flag's current disposable income is at least in the triple (million) digits. How is it lame to challenge one of the (possibly) richest flags to a resource war? I remember Kneiss once posting something along the lines of "If Scrim is attacked we will do whatever is necessary to win;" how can you have it both ways? If it is acceptable for your flag to threaten an no-ceiling pay war for defense, why must there be a ceiling for an attack?

I do not think there is any real precedence setting to be worried about here. It isn't sustainable to enforce 20k per jobber rounds. If anything the ocean needs a few leveling blockades to redistribute PoE to individuals who care about blockades. People bitch incessantly about how Atlantis/Poker/etc are distracting from traditional aspects of the game. Chuck Norris and co. are just giving the jobbers what they want and deserve: more PoE. Of course this cannot happen every blockade but it does provide a great opportunity for a new flag to build a significant PoE base in one day. Twenty flaggies jobbing for five rounds, donating 100% nets 2mil for the flag in one day. That is a blockade right there. Redistribute the wealth and open the doors to new flags.

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