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Posted by Apollo at Nov 30, 2012 3:42:53 PM
Re: December Not-Daily Doodles 2012!
Events and Winners will go here.

Doodle #1 : Surprise! Event thread Winners: Velternal and Bisquick
Doodle #2 : I hate when that happens! Event thread Winners: Imp and Tilinka
Doodle #3 : Edible Sculptures! Event thread Winners: Sallymae and Imp
Doodle #4 : I should NOT have said that! Event thread Winners: Sallymae and Budclare
Doodle #5 : Stained Class! Event thread Winners: Cattrin and Velternal
Doodle #6 : Holiday Art! Event thread Winners : Dexla and Jennygalaxy
Doodle #7 : Summer Christmas! Event thread Winners: Aethera and Bunnylaroo
Doodle #8 : doodlio ergo sum! Event thread Winners: Pixelpixie and Velternal
Doodle #9 : Happy New Year! Event thead Winners: Cattrin and Velternal

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