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Posted by Apollo at Nov 30, 2012 3:35:26 PM
December Not-Daily Doodles 2012!
December Not-Daily Doodles

When: December
What: a holiday-themed month of fun and frolics, a new contest twice a week for a month
Who for: everyone
Who by: Apollo

There's good news, and there's bad news.
The good news: I missed it, and I'm back to run the doodles!
The bad news: I don't have enough time for daily doodles, so we're doing just two a week.
The good news: Doodles! Yay!
The really good news: I'm going to be giving out Shiny Sun Points for them too!

So, here we go. Twice a week - once on Saturday and once on Tuesday, a creative contest will be posted. Most of these contests will be forum-based and will require entries before the next event is posted. The contests will be posted close to midnight at the beginning of each contest day, and will close 3-4 days later (Saturday contests will close at the end of Monday, Tuesday contests will close at the end of Friday). There will be a variety of prizes during the month and they won't be pre-announced. Most Doodle winners will receive a flower trinket. I will also be giving out Shiny Sun Points. And what do Shiny Sun Points make? PRIZES!

There will be multiple forum threads for this event. This sticky thread will contain a running summary of events, winners and prizes. Each doodle will then have its own entry thread.


The general rules for the forum contests are as follows.
-- Only one entry per player in each contest, but you may enter as many different contests as you wish during the month.
-- You must include your pirate name and ocean at the top of each entry post. Make sure you use the pirate and ocean for which you would want to receive a prize.
-- I will try to make the instructions clear for each contest. As the contests are short, don't get too hung up on the minutiae of rules. Just read the instructions and have a go at following them.
-- If I say "draw", I generally mean the creation of a 2D picture, whether that's done by hand or by computer. Where more physical media are allowed, I'll remember to say so.
-- If I say "original" or "must be your own work", I mean that you must create something from scratch, without the use of game art or other resources.
-- Plagiarism: this is the use of someone else's work, claiming it as your own, and applies to all contest types. Don't do it!
-- The entry threads are going to be busy enough without chat. Keep the entry thread just for entries please!
-- The general rules on avoiding tasteless or offensive material apply at all times on this forum but I'm mentioning them again here just in case.
-- Judging will be completed as soon as possible after the contest has closed, and usually within a day of the contest closing. Winners and prizes will be posted in the second post of this thread once judging is complete, as well as a more detailed results post at the end of each Doodle's entry thread. At any one time, therefore, there is likely to be one contest open for entries and one contest being judged.
-- I will be doing most of the judging, bringing in others as and when I need them. There will be a variety of events, though, and I am not going to get into discussions on the judging on any individual event.
-- I will try to deliver prizes as they are announced.
-- Don't get hung up on the prizes and the winners. Lots of people participate, and only a few win prizes. Take part because it looks fun, it's an interesting challenge, and it's an opportunity to share your quick-fire skills with your fellow players or to try your hand and something different.


That's it for now. Look for the first Doodle just after midnight PST tonight!


If you're interested in how the Doodles work, take a look at one of the previous year's editions, linked from this page. The main difference to previous years is that we're just doing the two contests per week this year.

Investigate finding the following:
  • a microphone
  • a digital camera or scanner
  • a link to Artpad (
  • a drawing / art / paint package that you're comfortable with
  • Oh, and don't throw out stuff that you think might be useful for a craft project, because you NEVER KNOW!


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