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Posted by Brandishwar at Jul 30, 2009 6:50:39 PM
Re: Puzzle Pirates Trade Profiteer
Im sorry to ask this question, but how do we know this software is safe from account hackings and such?

It's certainly a valid concern with any application that is intended to be a helper application for use with an online game. To be direct in an answer, which won't do anything to quell your concern, all I can really say is that there isn't any way for you to know completely that this application is safe, even if I release the source code to it.

If you are concerned that my application might harvest data about you, your computer, or your installation of Y!PP, you can certainly configure your firewall software to block the Trade Profiteer from accessing the Internet. Unlike with the Pirate Commodity Trader with Bleach, you will not be interfering with the Trade Profiteer by doing that. If you configure your firewall to block the Trade Profiteer, the only functionality you will be blocking is its ability to check my web site for a new version, which is the only reason it will ever connect to the Internet.

Otherwise, I don't really know what to say in response to this except to say that the application is safe. It was under development for about a year before the beta release earlier this month and a full release is planned within the next two weeks. I have also been playing Puzzle Pirates since late 2005, I've built up considerable wealth in the game, and I'm not about to risk all of that.

Rest assured that I will never create an application whose intent is to cause harm. The Trade Profiteer will not harvest any information about you and, to the best of my knowledge as the sole and principal developer of this application, cannot be used to compromise someone's account.
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