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Posted by 54x at Oct 27, 2003 2:50:14 PM
Map of the Midnight Ocean
Small: With commodity info or without

Large: With commodity info or without

Extra Large: With commodity info or without


It's best to pm me this data, although I will also check this thread if it gets replies. If you've benefitted from my forage map please don't keep any other information you've found on your own to yourself, share it with the community. Any corrections to existing data are welcome, too- even marketed islands aren't fully confirmed/correct. Thanks for any time you guys spend helping me with this.

Updated: Changed X icon to outpost islands, as the only marketed island left is Papaya. It has a triange for now. Also updated so that you can see new outposts and colonies. Implemented corrections from Quizzical. I've been cautious with updating icons this time around, so if you feel I've given your island an icon that isn't as "high" up the chain as it deserves, please leave a note at the end of the thread.

ALSO: My political map of the ocean:

Firstly: Don't be insulted if you're not included in the map. It's only a brief account of island owners, their allies, and anyone who's blockaded a Vilya island. The largest flag of an alliance is listed first. Flags are only placeholder graphics, and if you'd like my to update them along with the associated island icons, please use this chart and post in the thread that you want a new flag (and which flag you are "ordering for", too. Please only ask if you've taken over an island, or are already on the chart) Red is colour 1, green colour 2, and pink colour 3. You may choose any colour you can order clothes in for any area, plus "gold."

You may have noticed changes to the icon system, so I prepared a brief explaination which may be more useful than the blunt labels applied through the key:


The last version brought about one significant change I'd like to note here. Essentially, the ocean is much more of a free system right now than it has ever been since it has opened. The original concept of the map was dealing with Azure, which was a heavily dev/OM-controlled ocean. So, now, I've changed the way I'm using that triangle icon, and that circle icon. I knew my island icons would have to change as colonisation plans became clear anyway.

The triangle now simply represents an island that is "under development." Whiskable is a nice short term for this. You can home on these islands, but your average pirate on the seas won't be likely to, because there's not enough there for them to really home there. The island with a dev market is marked with a triangle for now.

The circle is a bit more contentious. I've listed it as palace, but it's more complex than that. It basically means: "You can home here, but the island's mostly relying on stalls at the moment." Palace is a requirement for this step, because it means the governer thinks the development is going reasonably good and is ready to have people home on that island.

The square is down as shoppes. For now, it simply means "one of every shoppe." This will be a bit more difficult with small islands, but I probably won't change it. People are more likely to want these icons to represent how developed the island is absolutely than relative to its size. They're much more useful this way. Squares will likely correlate with spawning greenies.

Please note that I've NOT assigned triangles to most islands to insult your progress. I just don't think people would be homing there, except to help you get it built. Oh, and congratulations to Imperio and Looterati for building such successful islands that I am confident they "deserve" the circle.

To clear up the triangle confusion, I've added an X icon. This is for islands that are too small to be properly colonised, and may only have a fort and a shoppe. Both of these are transferred when the island changes hands. These islands are known as outposts.
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