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Forum Help and Rules
Yohoho and a bottle o' rum! Batten down the hatches matey, ye've stumbled upon the YPP forums, ...
Artemis 3 479721 Aug 21, 2013 10:24:14 AM
by Prometheus  Last Page
Account Security
[size=4][b]Do not give your password to anyone.[/b][/size] The most important thing you can do ...
Prometheus 3 360789 Jan 2, 2011 7:48:56 PM
by Prometheus  Last Page
Server Status
Please see [url=http://www.puzzlepirates.com/status.xhtml] ...
Lizthegrey 2136 496756 Dec 24, 2018 7:07:08 AM
by Demeter  Last Page
"I've been banned/suspended!" - What should I do?
This thread is for those who have been banned from the game and are unsure on what to do, ...
Lizthegrey 0 70362 Nov 21, 2006 12:28:25 AM
by Lizthegrey  Last Page
Logon Issue - JavaWebStart - Proxy - Winproxy
Hi there I'm trying to get past the logon screen, but I'm getting the error claiming that my ...
Anonymous 4 1811 Jul 25, 2003 7:53:43 PM
by Anonymous  Last Page
connection problems...
i've never had a problem with connection to the game and even when i play with people who i know ...
dime 0 1358 Jul 25, 2003 5:12:21 PM
by dime  Last Page
Cannot Log On (Not sure if actual problem)
I am currently getting the folowing error whenever I try to log on: "Logon Failed: An error ...
Jethro 1 1505 Jul 25, 2003 5:39:01 AM
by stevoid  Last Page
How do i remove this game from HD? (seriously)
Well if the developers don't even know how to remove this game... than there is something fishy ...
Anonymous 8 2572 Jul 25, 2003 2:27:07 AM
by Nemo  Last Page
Stern Warning!
Here i am....with puzzle pirates and i don't ven want it there anymore(this is because of the ...
Anonymous 6 2417 Jul 24, 2003 5:33:46 PM
by Penndalla  Last Page
Game lockup
Having problems with the game and computer locking up at sea only paying a puzzle. takes 1 to 2 ...
Biffhoodwink 20 4852 Jul 23, 2003 7:56:27 PM
by Anonymous  Last Page
Bandwidth: download/upload
I was wondering just how much bandwidth this game takes up when playing.
Anonymous 1 2064 Jul 22, 2003 6:54:54 PM
by Cleaver  Last Page
I can't log into play, log in screen is frozen, please help!
I can't seem to get a text cursor to type in my user-name and account. All I get is an arrow and ...
Anonymous 0 1378 Jul 21, 2003 9:53:46 PM
by Anonymous  Last Page
mouse problems
My client doesn't seem to enjoy letting me know what I'm doing. As such, it's taken away my ...
Reffi 6 1929 Jul 21, 2003 11:19:07 AM
by Livesey  Last Page
Hang at "Checking Media"
First post in a long time but I'm ready to plunge into the beta. However, after a successful ...
CapnCrunch 2 1876 Jul 21, 2003 5:06:31 AM
by muffy  Last Page
Sound problem
Ever since the last update I've not had any sound and was wondering if this is something others ...
Akivasha 10 2910 Jul 20, 2003 9:32:09 AM
by Ely  Last Page
I got a new computer, how can i get my Pirates account/game?
[u][color=red]I'm on a new computer, and I don't have Pirates installed, I was wondering if instead ...
Anonymous 2 2176 Jul 17, 2003 2:44:11 PM
by okane  Last Page
what ports needed for netgear firewall to work with yohoho?
what ports do i need to open to get netgear firewall to work with puzzle pirates? thanks
Vendayn 1 1684 Jul 16, 2003 6:00:12 AM
by LonesomeCrow  Last Page
Download time on 56k modem
it says the media is gunna take 600 min just to downlode y so long
Anonymous 6 2234 Jun 25, 2003 2:18:29 AM
by Meghaford  Last Page
Patch frequency
when do they come out with patches like every year or every week
Anonymous 2 2119 Jun 25, 2003 1:41:11 AM
by Cellophane  Last Page
I uninstalled all my old Java versions and I installed Java via your link but I get the following ...
sfnitro230 2 2071 Jun 8, 2003 1:35:08 AM
by sfnitro230  Last Page
I can't download theJava JRE 1.4.1
[b]when i try to download the file,i can't get the download to start(Download ...
Anonymous 11 3507 May 29, 2003 12:07:04 AM
by Livesey  Last Page
help on deleted characters !
i accidentally deleted my character !! is there any way i can get him back?
jiggly 6 3301 May 23, 2003 2:06:01 AM
by Nemo  Last Page
How Long Does It Generally Take To Get The Download Link?
Harr'harr mateys, just wondering how long it generally would take to get the mail with the download ...
Anonymous 2 2142 May 20, 2003 10:31:03 PM
by homullus  Last Page
How do I download the game?
How do I download the server?
Rodin 4 2300 May 17, 2003 7:13:59 AM
by Anonymous  Last Page
Loggin in
i recieved my e-mail to download the stuff to get started, and I did.... but....... where do I ...
Sunshine 2 1927 May 17, 2003 6:51:47 AM
by Cleaver  Last Page
the waiting, oh lord the waiting
Just wanted to say I registered a couple hours ago and in that time i have read pretty much ...
Anonymous 7 2847 May 15, 2003 10:44:13 PM
by MarcoDePollo  Last Page
Slow Screen Load Time
Ahoy! Realizin' that this may well be the fault o' my video card, I'm askin' whether any others ...
Anonymous 5 3340 May 15, 2003 12:19:09 AM
by bakamedic  Last Page
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