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Forum Help and Rules
Yohoho and a bottle o' rum! Batten down the hatches matey, ye've stumbled upon the YPP forums, ...
Artemis 3 600655 Aug 21, 2013 10:24:14 AM
by Prometheus  Last Page
Account Security
[size=4][b]Do not give your password to anyone.[/b][/size] The most important thing you can do ...
Prometheus 3 419402 Jan 2, 2011 7:48:56 PM
by Prometheus  Last Page
Server Status
Please see [url=http://www.puzzlepirates.com/status.xhtml] ...
Lizthegrey 2136 547499 Dec 24, 2018 7:07:08 AM
by Demeter  Last Page
"I've been banned/suspended!" - What should I do?
This thread is for those who have been banned from the game and are unsure on what to do, ...
Lizthegrey 0 73156 Nov 21, 2006 12:28:25 AM
by Lizthegrey  Last Page
Server Hiccups
I've seen server hiccups with increasing frequency, lately - everyone in the area will get ...
atteSmythe 27 2501 Sep 24, 2003 5:35:11 AM
by CaptinBullie  Last Page
make the ... stop!
whenever anyone sends me a tell it auto responds ... I tried typing /back, and I tried setting ...
Morrigan 3 1015 Sep 24, 2003 5:33:29 AM
by ekerin  Last Page
First day messups
I just started playing this game today, and for some strange reason, it was fine all day and now I ...
Firerain 2 783 Sep 24, 2003 4:02:44 AM
by Poseidon  Last Page
Booched for doing nothing in Gunnery
I'm manning the Gunnery station, but all the cannons are loaded since we haven't gotten into a ...
Yumiko 6 1154 Sep 24, 2003 3:35:37 AM
by Modge  Last Page
Downloaded 9/23 update and I'm still "banned".
I got the 9/23 update and it hasn't seemed to fix the "banned" problem. I have never played this ...
Darigan 5 1105 Sep 23, 2003 11:37:00 AM
by Darigan  Last Page
Shiver me timbers - Unable to launch puzzle pirates
Last night puzzle pirates was workin' just fine, but I go to load it up this morning and I get a ...
Scarbeard 0 730 Sep 23, 2003 10:35:48 AM
by Scarbeard  Last Page
Cant log on after 9/23 update
Mmm... I just dowloaded the update and what not and i cant log in, I get to the log in screen, and ...
Ditdogs 15 2214 Sep 23, 2003 7:29:48 AM
by Aur  Last Page
Error: Windows Script Host
All of the sudden, the game is not working. I've been playing for months. I get the following ...
Meatnog 8 2216 Sep 23, 2003 6:12:12 AM
by muffy  Last Page
Randomly disconnecting
For the past couple days, my gameplay has been interuppted by seemingly random disconnects from the ...
kozmic 2 753 Sep 23, 2003 4:33:42 AM
by kozmic  Last Page
shoppes in Epsilon
I've noticed that there is several shoppes where there is no supplies and no products. Is anything ...
CAPTAIN_WOLF 6 999 Sep 23, 2003 3:16:48 AM
by stevoid  Last Page
help!... i cant speak but i can move
well i tried to report a bug but i cant type anything! i went to the known issues (where they hav ...
geoflash 4 1046 Sep 21, 2003 9:50:01 PM
by Hangmann  Last Page
Media File Separate .zip File Please!
Could someone please put their (working) media file into a .zip file and host it somewhere for me ...
FatalT 0 737 Sep 21, 2003 1:31:14 PM
by FatalT  Last Page
Connection Problem
I did a search and I didn't see any answers to this problem so sorry if htere is one and I missed ...
UberChe 9 1618 Sep 21, 2003 1:27:21 PM
by Artemis  Last Page
Avast! We failed to initialize the game:
I found I was unable to board a ferry or a ship or do ANYTHING after reaching the dock at Tinga (on ...
CursedBurger 13 2134 Sep 21, 2003 9:41:33 AM
by Cleaver  Last Page
Forum report button?
Is there a report to moderator button on this forum that I'm just missing? I think the ringers, ...
Morrigan 2 949 Sep 20, 2003 9:51:36 PM
by garf  Last Page
Server Crash? If not, then it must be me.
Did the server crash around Midnight yesterday(friday/saturday) PST? I was on, and in the midst of ...
PsychoMantis 3 975 Sep 20, 2003 8:01:38 AM
by PsychoMantis  Last Page
Blue screen of Death
Login in and the blank blue screen says 'Where do ye want to go today?' but all me information is ...
Fersboo 2 827 Sep 20, 2003 5:34:12 AM
by stevoid  Last Page
Please help me!
I made my account... i validated it... and i went to play and it says that : This computer has been ...
Anonymous 1 749 Sep 19, 2003 2:33:54 PM
by Poseidon  Last Page
Bug: BSOD?
[img]http://strike9.com/file.aspx?path=%2fEGarcia987%2ffullsize%2fbsod.JPG[/img] This occurs ...
Tyr 10 1985 Sep 18, 2003 4:50:35 AM
by BigW  Last Page
Copying problem
I have two computers connected in a LAN. I have downloaded Yohoho on one of the computers. I can't ...
VPeric 3 982 Sep 17, 2003 10:05:28 PM
by VPeric  Last Page
Unable to Launch
Try to go into Y!PP and it tells me that It is Unable to Launch. My internet connection does work.
combust 4 1194 Sep 17, 2003 1:07:53 PM
by combust  Last Page
Getting dropped to login screen
Lately, when I play I seem to be subject to random disconnects. I'll be in the middle of a puzzle ...
Geo 15 2168 Sep 17, 2003 5:57:14 AM
by burrito  Last Page
A Suggestion For Those That Post In Technical Issues!
I suggest those who post issues, post their computer info in their initial post. Example: "My ...
Dragonlilly 2 1071 Sep 17, 2003 2:32:43 AM
by Poseidon  Last Page
"Mark this forum read" ??
The "Mark all forums read" button is a good friend of mine, however i think it would be a lot more ...
BrokenShard 4 1303 Sep 17, 2003 1:47:12 AM
by atteSmythe  Last Page
i cant get the game to run
ive installed the game using the windows installer, but i dont know how to run it, the document ...
Krako 10 1771 Sep 17, 2003 12:50:05 AM
by CaptinBullie  Last Page
Island Map
So, the Cnossos bank works (for those who remembered the thread about people being stuck inside) ...
PrimeThian 0 758 Sep 16, 2003 5:53:22 PM
by PrimeThian  Last Page
Shop bug...
This is a weird bug. Here goes. I tried to order a bandana. A nice, simple, bandana. Estimated ...
Dragon7398 2 832 Sep 16, 2003 5:58:02 AM
by Artemis  Last Page
There's a lot of information about how to play that isn't in the docs, and isn't in the forums (or ...
MrTrick 3 1282 Sep 15, 2003 2:33:41 PM
by HuskyTed  Last Page
I'm not the most technical minded of people and I promise I looked in the support, but I can't work ...
Lizzie 7 1392 Sep 15, 2003 2:19:14 PM
by Lizzie  Last Page
Mute list removed
Is this a feature, or should I be submiting a /bug report? I had 2 people on mute, simply because ...
Hangmann 1 810 Sep 15, 2003 7:55:39 AM
by Mnemosyne  Last Page
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