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Forum Help and Rules
Yohoho and a bottle o' rum! Batten down the hatches matey, ye've stumbled upon the YPP forums, ...
Artemis 3 662359 Aug 21, 2013 10:24:14 AM
by Prometheus  Last Page
Account Security
[size=4][b]Do not give your password to anyone.[/b][/size] The most important thing you can do ...
Prometheus 3 447286 Jan 2, 2011 7:48:56 PM
by Prometheus  Last Page
Tips & Tricks 2.0!
We can rebuild it, we have the technology. Rather than lamenting our loss, I thought we might ...
Dionysus 61 169837 Jun 25, 2016 10:43:20 PM
by Keaze  Last Page
Im a new Pirate and just wondering
well i got accepted after mailing Cleaver a very piratey E-mail and so now im playing the game ...
Mamba 1 1239 Jun 25, 2003 10:28:39 PM
by stevoid  Last Page
Lost Ship / the hazards of soloing
Okay, well, first, I want to say I feel pretty stupid about this one. Okay, that's out of the way ...
shinseiki 6 2037 Jun 25, 2003 2:24:52 PM
by Rengor  Last Page
Testing Avatars
The only purpose for this is to test out an avatar. I could not find another way to see how it ...
uzi 4 1507 Jun 25, 2003 4:49:09 AM
by Mamba  Last Page
Noob attack > Questions
Hey all , I am pretty new to this game and are there any hint and tips for all those puzzles ? I ...
CaptainKeen 5 1959 Jun 22, 2003 8:24:11 AM
by Nemo  Last Page
When is the next tournament?
jollyroger23 0 1503 Jun 16, 2003 8:16:12 AM
by jollyroger23  Last Page
avast ye!.. i'm stuck on papaya island
argggh... i got off a ship on papaya island and it's a ghost town.. there no be people or work here ...
dime 4 1602 Jun 16, 2003 2:13:22 AM
by Nemo  Last Page
do bandits get lost?
I was thinkin' while pillagin' for maps yesterday - do bandits stop being able to go on the routes ...
muffy 1 1210 Jun 16, 2003 1:51:03 AM
by Nemo  Last Page
Question about ship name
I was wondering if it would be considered innapropriate if i were to name a ship the "Filthy Whore" ...
jollyroger23 2 1430 Jun 15, 2003 3:16:26 PM
by Nemo  Last Page
You'll put your eye out!
I say a player today with a hook hand and a peg leg, I know this and the familiars are implimented ...
Blitzen 3 1608 Jun 15, 2003 11:00:33 AM
by uzi  Last Page
sailing for dollars
i've been under the impression that doubles and triples are good to increasing standings in ...
DonCarnage 8 2147 Jun 13, 2003 12:11:15 PM
by Rengor  Last Page
Working at 3 markets, but no cash
I'm working at 3 markets, Cnossos, Turtle, and Winter. I logged off for the night and slept for ...
fallom 4 1606 Jun 12, 2003 6:05:57 AM
by dnxthx  Last Page
ARGH!! Shoulder Animals?!?!
I have noticed that a few pirates have parrots and octopuses on their shoulders. I have traveled ...
Mogget 4 1910 Jun 12, 2003 2:35:08 AM
by Cleaver  Last Page
Cannon Practice
Every time I go to a navy ship or the training ship, all the cannons are ready to be fired, ...
Anonymous 6 1843 Jun 11, 2003 10:04:12 PM
by Meghaford  Last Page
Rental Boats?
Are there any plans to implement boats to rent? I know this wouldn't be one the priorities to ...
saynata 10 2376 Jun 9, 2003 11:02:37 AM
by Rengor  Last Page
Wats ther basket fer.
Arr, I be doin me patch'n of ther ships hull an shiver me timbers dont a basket appear as pretty as ...
cajundog 4 1651 Jun 9, 2003 1:55:12 AM
by cajundog  Last Page
Getting Into the Alpha Test
Here's the process for getting into the Alpha Test: - Register! - Wait -- right now I am ...
Cleaver 1 1602 Jun 9, 2003 1:34:02 AM
by Nemo  Last Page
I can't dl the game ! What must i do ??
U give me the adress where i must dl the game but i dont understand what java file i must dl. ...
SLRDrake 3 1548 Jun 7, 2003 6:56:32 PM
by Rengor  Last Page
What to do now. It appears that when ye take out citizenship on papaya island yer stuck thar fer ...
cajundog 1 1169 Jun 7, 2003 2:25:06 PM
by stevoid  Last Page
Carpentry bug?
I have just been sailing with Orange Revolution on the large sloop Industrious Sardine. It is now ...
stevoid 2 1519 Jun 7, 2003 12:06:46 PM
by stevoid  Last Page
do whirlies go both ways?
There was some debate last night - Cellophane and I both swear we have seen some whirles that spin ...
muffy 11 2944 Jun 6, 2003 6:01:34 AM
by muffy  Last Page
New around here mates:
Just wanted to say Alo! (hello with a silly accent!) Like i stated before i'm new around here ...
Galley 1 1396 Jun 5, 2003 11:07:12 AM
by Ely  Last Page
Where did all of our commodities go?
Lately, there has been very little, or no wood to go around. The market on turtle was producing ...
tw11st38r 2 1533 Jun 4, 2003 3:26:29 AM
by dnxthx  Last Page
I need help
I am having difficulty trying to get on the game server. Everytime that I try to log on, it says ...
all4shep 4 1673 Jun 3, 2003 10:48:04 PM
by uzi  Last Page
Do navy ships pay out based on standings/exp?
Aye, I messed around with this some and its certain that yer standings have nothin to do with how ...
BanditGirl 1 1258 Jun 2, 2003 10:35:40 AM
by stevoid  Last Page
rich NPPs
Tonight I was jobbing for an unprepared crew, I had the misfortune to be on the loosing side of two ...
Hanzii 5 1956 Jun 2, 2003 5:26:33 AM
by Livesey  Last Page
Aten Mods:how long is the wait to play?
arrrrgggg me crew do be getting antsy to set sail how long do we have before we are given our ...
Jinx 4 1923 Jun 1, 2003 9:49:33 AM
by Jinx  Last Page
Employees in me shoppe...
So I have around 15 employees in my shoppe. How does their frequency playing the game affect how ...
tw11st38r 3 1630 Jun 1, 2003 4:39:43 AM
by Nemo  Last Page
man the cannons!
firstly - do there be any plans or way to have more than one person workin' the cannons. as is ...
DonCarnage 3 1705 Jun 1, 2003 1:48:16 AM
by Cellophane  Last Page
Slow logging in/preparing pirate
It just took me 3 attempts to log in, cos it seemed to freeze at logging in stage so I restarted ...
stevoid 6 2018 May 31, 2003 10:38:46 AM
by stevoid  Last Page
There was a mention of governments being established and there being governmental jobs, is this ...
Blitzen 2 1556 May 30, 2003 5:06:48 AM
by Blitzen  Last Page
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