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Forum Help and Rules
Yohoho and a bottle o' rum! Batten down the hatches matey, ye've stumbled upon the YPP forums, ...
Artemis 3 660175 Aug 21, 2013 10:24:14 AM
by Prometheus  Last Page
Account Security
[size=4][b]Do not give your password to anyone.[/b][/size] The most important thing you can do ...
Prometheus 3 446212 Jan 2, 2011 7:48:56 PM
by Prometheus  Last Page
Tips & Tricks 2.0!
We can rebuild it, we have the technology. Rather than lamenting our loss, I thought we might ...
Dionysus 61 169661 Jun 25, 2016 10:43:20 PM
by Keaze  Last Page
Selling clothes.
I've noticed that the tailors have already made stuff and I heard that that stuff was sold to them ...
tweekymonkey 2 840 Aug 9, 2003 3:51:19 PM
by Pythos  Last Page
Character Names Reusable?
Lets say I love my character and her name, but don't like her looks (I'd like her to have long ...
GalleyWench 1 883 Aug 9, 2003 3:36:35 PM
by Skipper  Last Page
i just became a captian and i dont know the commands :( like how to give people titles and such... ...
possum 2 838 Aug 9, 2003 3:33:22 PM
by possum  Last Page
It won't show up!!
I go into some buildings on the islands and it never loads! I went into a tailors and it didn't ...
Lamia 0 690 Aug 9, 2003 11:01:09 AM
by Lamia  Last Page
Want to drink....
Where do I do that? I've looked for the drinking barrels on several islands and haven't found them. ...
GalleyWench 2 851 Aug 9, 2003 8:30:02 AM
by Gotagota  Last Page
Can you supply your own wood etc for a ship? Brig cost?
If you have the wood and iron needed for a ship can you supply it directly to the ship yard to ...
Morrigan 2 872 Aug 8, 2003 10:30:18 PM
by Hanzii  Last Page
Multiple questions concerning multiple jobs...
I've heard mention of this before, though the docs seem to contradict it: 1) Are your work hours ...
nifboy 5 1563 Aug 8, 2003 10:24:52 PM
by Feltope  Last Page
Possible remedy to losing yer boat...
Tonight after a lot of trouble (and finally some dev summoning, thanks Cleaver) after losing our ...
Anonymous 6 2841 Aug 8, 2003 1:37:16 PM
by Penndalla  Last Page
i am currently pretty new at the game and am trying my luck as a captian of a crew of friends :) ...
possum 3 1049 Aug 8, 2003 10:00:29 AM
by possum  Last Page
Newbie question
This is probably a stupid question, but i've been wondering how to get natural resources, such as ...
jaymz 2 857 Aug 8, 2003 8:50:11 AM
by jaymz  Last Page
How do you start to colonize on a uncolonized island?
Absolution 7 1291 Aug 8, 2003 2:27:58 AM
by muffy  Last Page
Tailoring... a couple questions actually.
(1) If you're friendly, neighborhood tailor is out of your desired cloth color... is it possible ...
JavaEnabled 11 1501 Aug 8, 2003 12:30:32 AM
by akebia  Last Page
How long is the inactivity period?
How long do I have to be inactive before I am logged off? Sometimes I am logged off quite quickly ...
cleanupcrew 1 918 Aug 7, 2003 9:00:55 AM
by Gotagota  Last Page
Buddy list?
I know with your crew it shows you who comes online and when, but could this be extended for ...
Seltzer 1 1419 Aug 7, 2003 8:59:27 AM
by Gotagota  Last Page
How does one acquire a deed?
Luffi 5 1070 Aug 7, 2003 8:55:57 AM
by stevoid  Last Page
Experiences and Standings
I know that I've been playing very well, but somehow, Experiences are the only ones thats been ...
rintaro 1 792 Aug 7, 2003 8:28:31 AM
by Garthor  Last Page
Question about short swords
Ok, a crewmate and I are testing out some new swords, and we are looking at the short sword in ...
Legerdemain 4 1038 Aug 7, 2003 8:04:38 AM
by Legerdemain  Last Page
Ranking System
How exactly is the ranking system set up? Like, what order do they go in?
Dementia 3 1868 Aug 7, 2003 7:44:39 AM
by tommy  Last Page
Player Owned Boat Colorings
Hey I was wondering if anyone could fill me in on the colors boats can come in and their relative ...
Gallery 15 2186 Aug 7, 2003 5:11:38 AM
by OmegaZero  Last Page
Ranks in skills
I was wondering wahat all the ranks in the skills(drinking, navigation, sailing etc...) meant and ...
tweekymonkey 4 1686 Aug 7, 2003 5:09:13 AM
by tweekymonkey  Last Page
The answer may be around here somewhere but so far I haven't seen it... can anyone list the orders ...
Romapirate 2 1010 Aug 7, 2003 1:26:06 AM
by Romapirate  Last Page
What determines where jobs are posted?
No matter where I be, or where my boat be, my job posts always go to Alpha Island. I don't ...
tommy 3 980 Aug 6, 2003 1:29:40 PM
by Rengor  Last Page
How to be ranked #2 in sea battle in 2 easy steps!
If ye will notice, the little lady currently ranked #2 in sea battling, Shera, only has the ...
nifboy 15 4732 Aug 6, 2003 10:48:37 AM
by Splizwarf  Last Page
I've tried to order Rum from the Distillery...
...but when I click on the "Get Quote" button doesn't light up. Is there a reason why I can't ...
junbug178 3 895 Aug 6, 2003 3:02:20 AM
by junbug178  Last Page
Weird Disappearing Spots?
I recently got a new monitor so I could do a higher res to play this game on my computer (other ...
Anonymous 1 718 Aug 6, 2003 2:04:26 AM
by Nemo  Last Page
crew depositing goods onto a ship
Okay, fairly new to the game and I decided to help my ship out by buying some cannonballs and ...
Seltzer 4 1114 Aug 5, 2003 3:55:20 PM
by Cleaver  Last Page
Is there any work being done to improve the interface?
Like, being able to scroll up your view and then move to an area?
pmuse 1 696 Aug 5, 2003 12:36:11 PM
by Atheraal  Last Page
Pieces of Eight -- Gold or Silver?
Most people (even the developers, methinks) refer to Y!PPs currency (Pieces of Eight) as 'gold'. ...
Teirlap 8 1649 Aug 5, 2003 9:00:36 AM
by Cleaver  Last Page
Game Commands
Might thar be a listing of game commands for the new scullywags (i.e. /tell /plank)? If thar be ...
GalleyWench 1 772 Aug 5, 2003 7:59:08 AM
by tommy  Last Page
Purchases and Loot (newbie question)
I do not understand the basics of purchasing in this game and couldn't find the answers in the ...
Melonfarmer 10 1372 Aug 5, 2003 6:38:12 AM
by oconp88  Last Page
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