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Forum Help and Rules
Yohoho and a bottle o' rum! Batten down the hatches matey, ye've stumbled upon the YPP forums, ...
Artemis 3 134433 Aug 21, 2013 10:24:14 AM
by Prometheus  Last Page
Account Security
[size=4][b]Do not give your password to anyone.[/b][/size] The most important thing you can do ...
Prometheus 3 105226 Jan 2, 2011 7:48:56 PM
by Prometheus  Last Page
Tips & Tricks 2.0!
We can rebuild it, we have the technology. Rather than lamenting our loss, I thought we might ...
Dionysus 58 112391 Feb 3, 2011 6:55:08 AM
by lordgigo  Last Page
Trophy Speculation and Discussion: Part 4
Another chapter! Threads ...
Demeter 740 93034 Dec 19, 2014 11:53:27 AM
by Stefania_33  Last Page
Pirates with Disabilities
An interesting case came up on greeter chat today. A new pirate who interfaces with his computer ...
BlackBeth 62 28568 May 9, 2014 3:49:11 PM
by Belthazar451  Last Page
YPP Maps!
[size=4]Introducing [url=http://maps.warbrig.com][color=firebrick][b]YPP ...
Callistan 158 70130 Sep 16, 2013 4:25:09 AM
by OtherJenny  Last Page
XOing and MAA strategy on Atlantis runs (Work in Progress)
Let me preface this by saying that all of the following are my own opinions, and do not claim to be ...
AlfMason 104 50736 Aug 7, 2012 12:42:31 AM
by khaloda2  Last Page
Forum Thread Mysteriously Disappears
So last night i decided to give my thoughts on some game design features under the Game Design ...
Hersh1Squirt 5 62 Dec 19, 2014 6:40:27 PM
by budclare2  Last Page
Team competition
Is there a way to find out what team someone is on without asking them or one of their crew members?
EmpressTamar 3 151 Dec 18, 2014 2:38:47 PM
by EmpressTamar  Last Page
Item Price Catalog (Emerald)?
Anyone happen to know any sort of website/data collector that keeps track of current prices of ...
Hersh1Squirt 1 97 Dec 18, 2014 8:22:59 AM
by Massiah  Last Page
Swordfighting: Knowing What a Combo Looks Like?
So i am sure there is a video or a screenshot of this, i have found a video for rumbling to show ...
Hersh1Squirt 2 105 Dec 18, 2014 3:39:39 AM
by Hersh1Squirt  Last Page
What does a blue hedgehog worth?
[size=3]A blue Hedgehog, it came out from booch boxes around september 2014. its not a royal blue ...
Kiano6 1 115 Dec 14, 2014 3:28:04 AM
by Belthazar451  Last Page
puzzle pirates sleeping??
FIRST OFF ALL!!!! (this is really a personal opinion) so, i play this game for over 6+ years ...
Gianna1 7 311 Dec 13, 2014 9:03:54 AM
by Gianna1  Last Page
Puzzle Pirates Activity Tracker
The creator of the [url=http://www.glowie.com/~onyx/ult_info]Ultimate Info Tracker[/url] (me), is ...
ArgleBargle 32 7127 Dec 9, 2014 7:10:22 PM
by wrs1864b  Last Page
Does anyone check support emails anymore?
I've been banned, for around 3 days now, submitted an email ticket 48 hours ago. And, I know that ...
Knightmared 5 285 Dec 5, 2014 11:51:48 AM
by Knightmared  Last Page
Kraken How to Navigate Thread (Updated)
Updated with new question. How does one get to the eggs on this side without taking a lot of ...
escooper 15 1047 Dec 3, 2014 8:45:35 PM
by budclare2  Last Page
What's going on here?! New LE sloop
[img]http://i1256.photobucket.com/albums/ii481/texasbeesh/YultideSloop.png[/img] There are some ...
TexasBeesh 9 312 Dec 2, 2014 8:04:39 AM
by TexasBeesh  Last Page
Converting a scene file into XML format
I'm looking to edit some scenes from the game with Yohoho Tools, but am unable to find a file ...
EmpressTamar 4 198 Dec 2, 2014 4:08:12 AM
by budclare2  Last Page
An incomplete guide to bombing in the lair
Since most of us(if not, a shedload of players I've ran with) are bomb-dependent. I thought might ...
Keaze 29 2593 Dec 1, 2014 9:45:50 PM
by Keaze  Last Page
New to Cerulean Trying to Subscribe
I'm trying to subscribe for a month at least with my 100k i have in dubs, but I can't figure out ...
kaiya723 2 151 Dec 1, 2014 9:05:30 PM
by kaiya723  Last Page
Bilging special pieces
So i want to add these facts to the wiki, but i want to be sure they are correct. Puffers spawn ...
gagund 1 151 Nov 29, 2014 9:28:17 AM
by Bobafeis  Last Page
Gunning scoring question
If you laze on a board with all the cannons filled, or if you let it run the pieces around while ...
Xaneka 4 218 Nov 28, 2014 5:39:57 PM
by Xaneka  Last Page
I would like to sell my stall, is there any way of doing that? If there is, please explain it ...
laserpen123 3 205 Nov 23, 2014 11:12:59 AM
by LJAmethyst  Last Page
I just won a tournament and would have enough money to start a shoppe. Admiral is too expensive for ...
laserpen123 1 149 Nov 22, 2014 12:56:11 PM
by xelto  Last Page
Buying a new ship
Hello all, Don't know how active the forums are but here goes nothing! I've been playing the ...
Zekiller 1 219 Nov 20, 2014 3:04:37 AM
by escooper  Last Page
The Naming of the Map
I could be wrong but there appears to be a pattern with sea monster hunt maps, and I would like to ...
Forevever 3 240 Nov 18, 2014 8:37:53 AM
by LJAmethyst  Last Page
Where has my sloop gone?
I haven't been on the game in a very long time, so excuse me if I'm being blind. I had a sloop ...
Pteriana 2 257 Nov 10, 2014 4:41:51 PM
by jlh0605  Last Page
Shopkeeping query -- can only offer for commods used at shop/stall?
I admit I've been mostly inactive for the past 5 years (though I did resub and have been playing ...
Deborah 1 166 Nov 7, 2014 2:44:51 AM
by wrs1864b  Last Page
Kraken Tent Collision Mechanics
Inquiring if anyone would like to discuss or demonstrate kraken tent collision mechanics. Do the ...
escooper 0 158 Nov 2, 2014 4:42:44 PM
by escooper  Last Page
Are Sea Monster Hunt locations and names static?
I've been wondering for a while if sea monster map locations and names are static. For example, ...
WutaiWeb 6 237 Oct 24, 2014 5:04:04 PM
by LJAmethyst  Last Page
Halloween event
Is it meant to be rare? I remember last year it was very common in the booty div. Just been in an ...
Keaze 4 504 Oct 23, 2014 5:43:31 AM
by Keaze  Last Page
Eggless Kraken boards
Are these supposed to exist? Seems like a waste of lifeboats if they are...
henryrules10 3 370 Oct 21, 2014 2:37:50 PM
by wrs1864b  Last Page
Free puzzle for subscribers only?
Hello, I'm back after a while, but before subscribing again, I'm checking the mood and trying ...
Kraften 4 207 Oct 21, 2014 11:30:35 AM
by wrs1864b  Last Page
Where have the pillage expos gone?
Yesterday I went on a solo pillage. 16 battles, 11 wins - no expo came up. Today I did a run 9 ...
TexasBeesh 5 423 Oct 20, 2014 4:43:46 AM
by darkseid  Last Page
SMH Terminology
Apologies in advance if this has been asked a thousand million times :) Often when I am perusing ...
ktjoshndec 4 322 Oct 8, 2014 4:24:10 PM
by LJAmethyst  Last Page
Kraken Challenge: Powder Barrels
[b][color=darkblue]How many powder barrels can you drop before walking into a dead end?[/color][/b] ...
Doghnut1 1 228 Oct 6, 2014 12:52:29 PM
by Belthazar451  Last Page
Kraken Soft Wall Thought Challenge
I have a thought challenge for you all. :] With the introduction of the Kraken and its soft ...
WutaiWeb 54 2708 Oct 5, 2014 11:09:17 AM
by angel2512  Last Page
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