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Forum Help and Rules
Yohoho and a bottle o' rum! Batten down the hatches matey, ye've stumbled upon the YPP forums, ...
Artemis 3 545343 Aug 21, 2013 10:24:14 AM
by Prometheus  Last Page
Account Security
[size=4][b]Do not give your password to anyone.[/b][/size] The most important thing you can do ...
Prometheus 3 384793 Jan 2, 2011 7:48:56 PM
by Prometheus  Last Page
Helpful Viridian links
Please use the stickied threads, and check out the helpful links here: ...
Lelantos 0 13810 Nov 17, 2005 8:36:04 PM
by Lelantos  Last Page
Interesting blood..
Well..i dunno where this should go, so might as well post it here. This afternoon i was soloing ...
jasonhau 11 1677 Jul 5, 2006 5:13:48 AM
by Knirt  Last Page
Moab Island Initiative. (MII)
Moab Island Initiative or MII is set up to free Moab Island of the evil [i]Confused[/i] ...
Lotus_elise3 66 6963 Jul 5, 2006 3:15:02 AM
by magaruis  Last Page
Why is it that people care so much what the islands look like?
We've had a good 20-page debate on 'Terra and Napi are ruined' and 'it's disgusting, kill Calais.' ...
TianX9 68 6247 Jul 4, 2006 7:47:20 AM
by yohohobob  Last Page
Familar Discussion
Discuss Stuff About Familars.Price/Quantity.What Will Happen To Familars.I Think The Tan Familars ...
PirateTrader 28 2031 Jul 3, 2006 4:31:15 PM
by Sea_Blades  Last Page
WANTED: Stealers of Viridian
MY ship was plundered by another Senior Officer that joined while I was not online. I left my ship ...
Pharaoh01 16 1856 Jul 3, 2006 2:32:37 PM
by Headstrong15  Last Page
Brigand King trinkets
how much would you pay for a brigand king trinket? Which ones do you think would fetch the most? ...
NewMadHatter 3 915 Jul 1, 2006 8:19:57 AM
by NewMadHatter  Last Page
Intent for Olive.
We are taking it with Pay 4 Plays help. Anyone suprised? Jobbing contacts will be: Calaisalt ...
Quinthanius 41 4557 Jun 30, 2006 9:02:40 PM
by Mr_Monkey_12  Last Page
What happend?? Why did our beloved pant left??? What happend to the blockade stock??? Who is ...
derundergang 46 3710 Jun 30, 2006 10:49:48 AM
by black_beard7  Last Page
[Viridian] Terra's cry for help
I'm not gonna post screen shot with ill placement, with shops covering other shop's entrance ...
reqc 85 5392 Jun 30, 2006 12:22:41 AM
by Alec1000  Last Page
The Naboni Code
First let me say that Naboni did not die. I just placed myself in the Yohoho Witness Protection ...
t0tal 4 987 Jun 29, 2006 1:20:18 PM
by danyellw  Last Page
Dub Exchange
Is there any profit to be had in doubloon speculation? a type of YPP gold exchange?
Climo 6 1246 Jun 28, 2006 1:53:52 AM
by AquaDrake  Last Page
Old Members of Fear and Loathing
I hadn't played the game in a really long time. And When I did get back on the flag had ...
RedsMcGee 11 1727 Jun 27, 2006 1:59:09 PM
by IceColdFire  Last Page
so long and thanks for all the fish
[b]As posted in VO forum[/b] Due to deep personal issues I am selling everything and moving to ...
catzubmsve 4 1214 Jun 27, 2006 10:41:05 AM
by catzubmsve  Last Page
looking for a crew name
me and mylord are looking for crew name suggestions plz help us post yer suggestions now plz
spdg244 22 13946 Jun 27, 2006 1:21:30 AM
by RobbieQ  Last Page
*SOBS* I need new furniture at all the bazaars, they dusted everything! There are many things ...
sed729 7 1372 Jun 21, 2006 5:06:13 PM
by nitronline  Last Page
Instead of discussing which flag/person is the most hated, just point, laugh and end your day with ...
Saltake 61 5263 Jun 21, 2006 12:10:54 AM
by Saltake  Last Page
Selling rare old-style cutter with in-place drinking game
The topic subject says it all. I have a cutter with an in place drinking game. In an older ...
peterphung 2 793 Jun 20, 2006 8:07:54 PM
by peterphung  Last Page
Chosen True to leave Teh Booch
Chosen True will be leaving Teh Booch. Where will they go? Thats up to you. What we offer: ...
blackmaria 15 1978 Jun 20, 2006 10:14:03 AM
by TheBeaver  Last Page
Calling all Salty Old Sea Dogs!
Aye, I am calling all the old members of the old crew, Salty Old Sea Dogs, To send Jebus or ...
Headstrong15 0 537 Jun 19, 2006 11:29:41 AM
by Headstrong15  Last Page
What happened to the Syndicate
I was jobbing for Vanguard today at the blockade for Olive. Syndicate wasn't there and I found out ...
pesh120 1 715 Jun 18, 2006 5:28:09 PM
by Magus_M  Last Page
Moab or Surtsey?
[url=http://forums.puzzlepirates.com/community/mvnforum/viewthread?p=626422#626422]Blockade News ...
rixation 20 2276 Jun 18, 2006 2:01:38 PM
by Thunderbird  Last Page
BB Deserves More Credit.
Bigbertha really deserves more credit for her efforts at blockades Admiraling and running the shows ...
Lotus_elise3 9 1822 Jun 18, 2006 6:59:15 AM
by pianoman7692  Last Page
Intens to Glubbage (AKA Blockage)
The fine Flag Regnum Irae is going glubbing on Moab and Surtsey at well I can't add a little after ...
Flak_88 5 1114 Jun 17, 2006 7:53:51 PM
by Flak_88  Last Page
This Rumbling little ocean
Ok, as we all know, the recently incorporation of barbarian to our ocean, screwed up pillages (at ...
Lombar 15 1729 Jun 16, 2006 2:17:35 PM
by KoritheLost  Last Page
The Deceitful Ways of the Riddlemakers!! And Why Ellipse Is Hawt.
Terrible news, compatriats! Riddlemakers has paid Relinquo Angelus to drop on their island, and ...
juventus1 126 10355 Jun 15, 2006 5:24:06 PM
by cyndiepet  Last Page
The rise and fall of Paradise
As I posted on the VO forums: Ahoy mates, It seems since I was made the King of Paradise ...
catzubmsve 1 753 Jun 15, 2006 3:04:52 PM
by Ariel_mac  Last Page
Ellipse is coming to Labyrinth Moors!
That's right, folks! This weekend, the fine flag Ellipse will enter into a blockade for Labyrinth ...
juventus1 28 2963 Jun 15, 2006 6:16:38 AM
by terryfann  Last Page
A public apology to RiddleMakers
Well, to start this off as it be diffucult this is a public apology to Riddlemakers following my ...
Kerium 0 786 Jun 15, 2006 5:41:53 AM
by Kerium  Last Page
Requiem's new monarch
Due to real life issues, I'm stepping down as monarch. Scupperer is taking over, and we all know ...
maharet 9 1805 Jun 14, 2006 10:39:54 AM
by AquaDrake  Last Page
A more positive Laby thread
Bigbertha mentioned in the thread discussing pre-blockade tactics that nobody from Ellipse had ...
Framling 6 1210 Jun 14, 2006 2:15:40 AM
by bonjella  Last Page
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