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Forum Help and Rules
Yohoho and a bottle o' rum! Batten down the hatches matey, ye've stumbled upon the YPP forums, ...
Artemis 3 500249 Aug 21, 2013 10:24:14 AM
by Prometheus  Last Page
Account Security
[size=4][b]Do not give your password to anyone.[/b][/size] The most important thing you can do ...
Prometheus 3 367439 Jan 2, 2011 7:48:56 PM
by Prometheus  Last Page
Read Before Posting: Forum Etiquette & Posting Guidelines
Prior to posting, we ask that you take a few moments to review these guidelines. Following these ...
Amphitrite 1 36144 Jul 20, 2006 7:44:30 PM
by Prometheus  Last Page
Arg, I said "Turn About"!!!!
I have noticed a problem with the synchronization of multiple people pressing the "turn about" ...
berk 8 1976 Feb 7, 2003 2:39:48 AM
by Meghaford  Last Page
How come when swordfighting i get the colored swords at the beginning and hardly none at the end? I ...
Sqwishdabug 4 1534 Feb 6, 2003 6:58:37 AM
by Ramirez  Last Page
Gunnery: lots of hits can be a disadvantage
Yarg! so me crew went seriously pillaging tonight. And our Captain Morgan*hic* sorry Morgalyn had a ...
Rengor 11 2237 Feb 4, 2003 10:32:07 AM
by Cryptic  Last Page
Um, is this a networking error, or is the server down?
I recently bought a new laptop, and the wireless networking to support laying about the house an ...
slipster216 6 2164 Feb 3, 2003 8:11:35 AM
by slipster216  Last Page
jobbing rates
I think a lot of players are frustrated with the new jobbing rates. It's funny, because the thing ...
Thusnelda 5 1467 Feb 3, 2003 3:03:45 AM
by Rengor  Last Page
Auto disconnect
While playing swordfighting and drinking on a pretty basic Win XP system, I kept getting auto ...
universeman 1 2126 Feb 2, 2003 12:23:39 PM
by Anonymous  Last Page
Possible commands
Ahoy, When in normal "chatting mode" the box on the left of the text entry does good work ...
Recluse 5 1573 Feb 2, 2003 12:48:52 AM
by Varion  Last Page
NPP jobbers
another thing I noticed recently is that if you have hired some NPP's to go pillaging, when you ...
Meghaford 0 1818 Jan 29, 2003 10:41:06 PM
by Meghaford  Last Page
rumors of a tournament???
Just a thought for the tournament... (which I hope will not be this weekend or next as we will be ...
Meghaford 3 2301 Jan 29, 2003 2:33:35 AM
by Thusnelda  Last Page
Do the seas always have to be choppy and rocky? Will a captain ever attack another ship during ...
homullus 1 4855 Jan 29, 2003 1:40:23 AM
by Nemo  Last Page
This could be handy against the new AI! (humour folks!)
Picked this up from http://www.slashdot.org ...
ReaperKit 0 1919 Jan 28, 2003 1:15:18 PM
by ReaperKit  Last Page
Time Investment
I love Puzzle Pirates but I am finding that despite it's planned design, it's not really all that ...
Cryptic 8 1665 Jan 28, 2003 6:30:25 AM
by Pebbles  Last Page
Rank slip
Here is something that I find [b]quite[/b] vexing. The new scoring system has made it much more ...
dnxthx 19 7007 Jan 28, 2003 6:10:13 AM
by Anonymous  Last Page
[color=violet]The skellies are too hard.. it's not even a fair fight anymore! Who can send two huge ...
Sqwishdabug 12 2438 Jan 28, 2003 6:07:14 AM
by Rengor  Last Page
A couple game problems
Got a couple problems here: 1. I can't log on (as plunder) I last played on Friday. My client ...
plunder 3 1224 Jan 28, 2003 1:54:03 AM
by plunder  Last Page
NPPs leave when employer logs off
If the player that hired the NPPs log off, the NPPs will leave even when other players are onboard. ...
Rengor 0 1120 Jan 27, 2003 6:04:54 PM
by Rengor  Last Page
Stolen maps....again
Great so we lost a bunch of maps again on several ships, only those docked on Alpha so they didn't ...
Rengor 3 1210 Jan 26, 2003 9:15:24 AM
by Rengor  Last Page
Sticky update
Maybe I'm just slow (ok, I know I am) . . . is the link for the release notes somewhere other than ...
homullus 2 1803 Jan 24, 2003 12:04:47 PM
by Anonymous  Last Page
downloading time
I was downloading the new patch and my computer has 56k dail up connection, and the time for ...
3eyedSusy 1 1483 Jan 24, 2003 9:28:57 AM
by Cleaver  Last Page
NPP Piracy!
I've noticed that the NPPs now charge by the hour and at a substantial fee depending on their ...
Hlyknght 0 1120 Jan 23, 2003 2:56:34 PM
by Hlyknght  Last Page
Arr new patch! must investigate!!
Ahhhh new patch! Must investigate instantly! I noticed that NPPs now charge per hour. Oooh. ...
Rengor 15 3128 Jan 23, 2003 8:46:24 AM
by Hanzii  Last Page
Pillage balance after latest update
A couple of changes in the latest update (a great update btw, best ive seen yet) has some changes ...
Rengor 2 1373 Jan 23, 2003 7:01:18 AM
by Rengor  Last Page
Avast! Bought a ship by mistake
So we had a few drinking games and I went go check npps to hire (I don't see no Don't drink and ...
Rengor 0 1492 Jan 23, 2003 5:25:34 AM
by Rengor  Last Page
Petition for more male skeletons!
Petition: Arrr so once again I fought off a group of nasty skeletons, and wha' do they leave ...
Rengor 6 1803 Jan 22, 2003 10:05:02 AM
by Nemo  Last Page
Did you know this command?
Cleaver sent me a mail with a command called /jcrew which is used to send chat to the crew your ...
Rengor 1 1659 Jan 21, 2003 5:15:13 PM
by Cryptic  Last Page
Sins Of The Fathers'
There seems to be a heritage of boochiness associated with past experimentation with alternative ...
Cryptic 0 1300 Jan 21, 2003 2:46:56 PM
by Cryptic  Last Page
An Unofficial General Buglist?
[list][*]][b]Dual Trading / Challenge Initializations[/b] If two parties should initialize trades ...
Cryptic 3 1390 Jan 21, 2003 10:09:02 AM
by Cryptic  Last Page
Classic grouping problems
Most MMOG's have problems with grouping being a pain. You wait around for eons waiting for people, ...
Rengor 29 6634 Jan 21, 2003 10:01:02 AM
by Rengor  Last Page
Crow's Nest
It would be really, really useful if, instead of having to "shout down", an Officer in a Crow's ...
AvaPoet 26 7909 Jan 20, 2003 2:06:06 PM
by AvaPoet  Last Page
Gender Balance
One thing that's impressed me about the alpha testers to this game is the remarkable gender ...
AvaPoet 5 1688 Jan 20, 2003 2:03:56 PM
by AvaPoet  Last Page
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