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Forum Help and Rules
Yohoho and a bottle o' rum! Batten down the hatches matey, ye've stumbled upon the YPP forums, ...
Artemis 3 297728 Aug 21, 2013 10:24:14 AM
by Prometheus  Last Page
Account Security
[size=4][b]Do not give your password to anyone.[/b][/size] The most important thing you can do ...
Prometheus 3 262291 Jan 2, 2011 7:48:56 PM
by Prometheus  Last Page
Bazaar Forum Rules -- Please read before posting.
Ahoy, mates! Here be the rules and posting guidelines for using the Bazaar forums. Ease of use ...
Prometheus 0 12892 Feb 27, 2012 4:33:34 AM
by Prometheus  Last Page
Buying/Selling Limited Edition Vessels
If you're looking to buy, sell, trade or auction Limited Edition vessels [of any class] on Emerald ...
Prometheus 27 111981 Jul 28, 2017 2:35:23 PM
by Ocxela  Last Page
Buying/Selling Dhows, Baghlahs, Fanchuans, Longships and Junks
If you're looking to buy, sell, trade or auction Dhows, Baghlahs, Fanchuans, Longships or Junks on ...
Demeter 1 24490 Jun 23, 2017 6:34:30 AM
by FarkasDavid  Last Page
Buying/Selling Sloops and Cutters
If you're looking to buy, sell, trade or auction Sloops or Cutters on Emerald this is your thread ...
Demeter 3 34096 Jun 23, 2017 6:30:06 AM
by FarkasDavid  Last Page
Help Wanted | Shoppe Advertising
Do ye have a stall that's needing labour? Are you raising your wages and want the world to know? ...
Demeter 8 20334 Jun 22, 2017 6:35:16 AM
by zanreth  Last Page
Buying/Selling Charts
If you're looking to buy, sell, trade or auction Charts on Emerald this is your thread to do so! ...
Demeter 4 48866 Jun 20, 2017 6:26:26 PM
by Zazoo1  Last Page
Buying/Selling Brigs, Frigates and Xebecs
If you're looking to buy, sell, trade or auction War Brigs, Merchant Brigs, Merchant Galleons, ...
Demeter 1 49662 Jun 18, 2017 8:47:07 AM
by Gingerpie7  Last Page
Rogue Market
If you're looking to buy or sell Rogue Marks this is your thread to do so! For more information ...
Demeter 3 27069 Jun 5, 2017 5:29:48 AM
by soccerbabe88  Last Page
Trading handkerchiefs
Trading the following handkerchief doubles for ones I do not have: black/purple lime/orange ...
Lucicafer 1 564 Aug 9, 2017 1:38:24 AM
by Lucicafer  Last Page
Lobster (Brown,Persimmon) unnamed - taking offers
I have an unnamed lobster which colors are brown and persimmon. Taking offers. Send me a ...
Gingerpie7 0 165 Aug 5, 2017 4:58:00 PM
by Gingerpie7  Last Page
Selling Unnamed Black Raven and Unnamed Black Seal
Looking for offers on both, send me a tell or post here. Thank ye
Odyn9 0 191 Aug 4, 2017 7:17:17 PM
by Odyn9  Last Page
Big Clear-out - trinkets, pets, fams & funiture etc for sale
Everything is new unless specifically stated. Please leave offers below, PM me or message me in ...
Buzzles 2 316 Aug 4, 2017 7:42:44 AM
by Buzzles  Last Page
Buying a lobster
Hey everyone, I'm looking to buy a lobster in either a red, persimmon or maroon colour ...
Watkin_Tench 1 2708 Aug 3, 2017 9:27:01 PM
by Gingerpie7  Last Page
Selling Named Black Raven
Raven is named Horus, taking offers atm. Send me a tell in game or post here
Odyn9 1 153 Aug 3, 2017 3:51:11 PM
by Odyn9  Last Page
Selling Unnamed Silver/Gold Pelican Pet
I have an unnamed pelican pet in the silver/gold colorway (silver fur, golden skin)! Gladly ...
ikea1000 0 138 Aug 3, 2017 2:38:16 PM
by ikea1000  Last Page
How to make POE fast
Recently I got an offer for an Iron Monger Shoppe. I need to gather 600k to get that and I need to ...
cheney2004 3 480 Aug 2, 2017 2:03:24 PM
by Doulber  Last Page
UN Brown/Persimmon Lobster for sale
Post an offer or send me a PM in-game
Odyn9 3 281 Aug 1, 2017 6:57:01 PM
by Odyn9  Last Page
Selling upgraded weavery shoppe on caravenserai.
Selling a fully upgraded weavery shoppe named Cloths of Many Color, located on caravenserai a hemp ...
Ocxela 0 146 Jul 29, 2017 11:08:25 AM
by Ocxela  Last Page
Selling Distilling Shoppie on Sayer Rock
Selling Distilling shoppie on sayer rock price 500k contact me in game if anyone interested ...
nayminn 0 146 Jul 29, 2017 3:50:17 AM
by nayminn  Last Page
??? Looking for a few CI trinks (Black, Gold, White) ???
Paying 10-15k per: [url=https://yppedia.puzzlepirates.com/Gneiss/trinkets]this is my current list ...
MSpartans 0 161 Jul 28, 2017 3:57:05 PM
by MSpartans  Last Page
Selling Lime Chroma!
Send a PM or post here with your offer! Please don't make any ridiculous low offers, they won't be ...
JcTrav 0 135 Jul 28, 2017 4:23:03 AM
by JcTrav  Last Page
Selling unnamed Plum/White Pony!
Hey all, as per the title I'm selling an unnamed Plum pony with white saddle/reins.. looking for at ...
lachiemusic 0 140 Jul 27, 2017 9:47:14 PM
by lachiemusic  Last Page
Buying Tailor Shoppe on Admiral
Hello! [size=3]I am looking to buy a tailoring [s]or distilling[/s] shoppe on Admiral. You ...
Gingerpie7 0 149 Jul 27, 2017 9:57:16 AM
by Gingerpie7  Last Page
Auctioning/Selling 3 shoppes. [s]SY on Scrimshaw: Corsair Yacht. Bidding from on 1,2m. Selling ...
otters1 0 184 Jul 26, 2017 9:49:49 AM
by otters1  Last Page
Looking for an Iron Monger Shoppe
Hey Everyone, I'm Tidyrice and I'm kinda into Iron Mongers. If anyone is interested in selling an ...
cheney2004 1 213 Jul 22, 2017 5:23:40 PM
by Robyns090  Last Page
Selling Blue Seahorse called Kopite
Selling Blue Seahorse called Kopite. Tell me your offer in a PM or a reply. Thanks! -Gingerpie
Gingerpie7 1 450 Jul 22, 2017 4:39:44 PM
by Gingerpie7  Last Page
Buying IM Shoppe
Hi, I'm looking to buy and IM Shoppe with decent proximity to Admiral. Such as Bowditch, Scrimshaw, ...
Aceguy5 0 210 Jul 21, 2017 3:25:18 PM
by Aceguy5  Last Page
Price Check on Admiral Finius Doll
Hello, I've recently come back to the game after a hiatus. I was wondering how much I my Admiral ...
Djlovin 1 503 Jul 20, 2017 6:25:43 AM
by herieman  Last Page
[Selling] Mala-cat & autumn pup & leftovers
[b]Selling:[/b] - named autumn pup, 900k - unnamed mala-cat (taking offers) - nb rag shirt ...
Notsizzly 0 195 Jul 20, 2017 4:16:59 AM
by Notsizzly  Last Page
Looking for Distilling shoppie
looking for distilling shoppie prefer aimuari considering Alkaid or Sayer Rock as well send me tell ...
nayminn 0 219 Jul 19, 2017 3:58:54 AM
by nayminn  Last Page
Selling 3xSY and 2xFurni shoppes on Admiral, taking offers
Seld a tell Jbghost
Rblackghost 0 411 Jul 18, 2017 1:37:15 PM
by Rblackghost  Last Page
Buying Plum Monkey
Hey! Lookin to buy Plum monkey, find me in game. Also selling Banana monkey with red hat 16m ...
Mostin 0 1125 Jul 14, 2017 3:28:32 PM
by Mostin  Last Page
BUYING Smuggler Class War Brig!
Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a Smuggler Class War Brig! If you're looking to sell one, ...
trainers 1 1100 Jul 13, 2017 8:19:49 PM
by Robyns090  Last Page
Auctioning SY on Aimuari
Upgraded shoppe named "Crossing Styx" Starting bid 500k Increments 25k BIN 800k ...
zanreth 2 1051 Jul 10, 2017 11:51:51 AM
by zanreth  Last Page
Auctioning Shipyard (SY)
[s]Upgraded Shipyard on Alkaid SB: 100k Inc:20k BIN:600k Winning bid must stay for 24 ...
Brave_Seth 9 1012 Jul 6, 2017 3:17:17 PM
by Dynasty666  Last Page
Selling LE Banana/White Parrot Familiar! w/ Pictures & Gif
Selling LE Banana/White Parrot Familiar! Please leave post here or message me in game. BIN ...
woozeybear 0 465 Jul 1, 2017 9:38:09 AM
by woozeybear  Last Page
Buying SY and Furni shoppes at Admiral
Send a tell Jbghost with your offer, thank you :)
Rblackghost 0 414 Jun 25, 2017 2:44:59 PM
by Rblackghost  Last Page
Buying CI and Beachcomber trinkets!
Buying [b]CI Trinkets[/b] [img]http://imageshack.com/a/img924/1791/ik5Ewm.jpg[/img] ...
Zazoo1 0 509 Jun 24, 2017 10:43:26 AM
by Zazoo1  Last Page
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