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Which turn is it?
It sure would be nice to know which turn it is during the sea battle. It's really easy to lose ...
Game Design dreadroberts 6 3045 Mar 26, 2003 8:47:06 AM
by Rengor  Last Page
Unaligned clothing
Will it be possible to purchase opposite gender's clothing in the future? Hold on mates! That's ...
Game Design dreadroberts 1 1222 Mar 26, 2003 8:15:16 AM
by AshDarkness  Last Page
Who's in which crew?
Any thoughts to some kind of outer marker to tell at-a-glance which crew someone is in? That way ...
Game Design tw11st38r 11 2089 Mar 26, 2003 4:05:22 AM
by tw11st38r  Last Page
Pirate comics!
http://www.pvponline.com/archive.php3?archive=20020604 yarrrrr! Scurvy ninjas!
Piratical Parley and Politics DrMrLordX 3 1711 Mar 26, 2003 2:59:34 AM
by Nemo  Last Page
Am I going to lose everything?
I've been hearing rumors that portions of our possessions, POE, clothing, whatever, may be getting ...
Game Design tw11st38r 8 1922 Mar 26, 2003 2:36:16 AM
by Sparkk  Last Page
To the developers
Are any of you planning on attending this year's E3? It looks like I am probably going to be able ...
Game Design Cellophane 4 1582 Mar 25, 2003 4:44:07 AM
by Sparkk  Last Page
Pop Pirates
With [url=http://sfweekly.com/issues/2003-03-12/index.html]SF Weekly[/url] declaring pirates "the ...
Game Design Nemo 2 1192 Mar 25, 2003 12:30:43 AM
by Ramirez  Last Page
Troubles logging in?
I just tried to log into the game, and got turned back at the door. It told me that my client may ...
Game Design Labratio 3 1251 Mar 24, 2003 5:43:36 AM
by AshDarkness  Last Page
Problems with JavaWebstart
For some reason I can't seem to get into Puzzle Pirates. Whenever I try, my computer freezes on the ...
Game Design Anonymous 2 1277 Mar 23, 2003 11:07:33 AM
by Anonymous  Last Page
I need competition!
There never seems to be any npps that are above Able in drinking. Any chance they might have varied ...
Game Design byzantium 7 1677 Mar 23, 2003 4:26:46 AM
by delusion  Last Page
Not enough NPPs
So I, and others I've talked to, have been running into the problem of shortage of skilled ...
Game Design tw11st38r 4 1357 Mar 21, 2003 5:56:35 AM
by Rengor  Last Page
Spread thin :(
Why isn't there more time in every day?
Piratical Parley and Politics Cryptic 0 4292 Mar 21, 2003 3:01:59 AM
by Cryptic  Last Page
Argh! Come Join The Atlantic Skies!
[b] Come join the Atlantic skies, a Pre-Game Guild, set on Concering the Seven Seas! For More ...
Piratical Parley and Politics XxConfucio 0 2322 Mar 20, 2003 6:12:57 AM
by XxConfucio  Last Page
Handing off NPPs
It would be nice if I could hand off my NPPs to my fellow crewmembers. That way when we're ...
Game Design tw11st38r 4 1363 Mar 20, 2003 4:43:26 AM
by Anonymous  Last Page
Who's working for me?
As my crew comes and goes, and as I visit new islands, I find myself needing to hire and fire npps. ...
Game Design muffy 2 1535 Mar 20, 2003 4:19:20 AM
by tw11st38r  Last Page
Attack in groups...
Any plans to be able to attack in groups? So I can gather my crew and challenge another crew. ...
Game Design tw11st38r 4 1167 Mar 20, 2003 1:36:39 AM
by Cleaver  Last Page
new scoring
I understand the new scoring methods and in theory they seem reasonable. However, in practice my ...
Game Design pnaomi 18 2843 Mar 19, 2003 3:34:28 PM
by Rengor  Last Page
Gambling Pool
I am Going to start up a gambling pool, Im planning it for every Sunday around noon pst (seems like ...
Piratical Parley and Politics Sparkk 8 2191 Mar 19, 2003 1:12:07 PM
by muffy  Last Page
Where do I go to start playing?
I have registered but can't figure out where to go to play the game! Sandy
Piratical Parley and Politics sandman 3 1567 Mar 19, 2003 9:02:26 AM
by Anonymous  Last Page
Faster clothes changes
Would it be possible to add a faster way to change clothes, such as double-clicking the article of ...
Game Design dreadroberts 3 3504 Mar 18, 2003 1:06:21 AM
by tw11st38r  Last Page
Flags and multiple crew memberships
I know that flags aren't in yet, but we have a decent idea of what it will mean. I was wondering ...
Game Design Rengor 4 1598 Mar 17, 2003 9:26:08 AM
by Nemo  Last Page
New website for the Mad Mutineers!
Arrr I've been working on a new website for the Mad Mutineers. [url=http://ypp.lauritsen.us] ...
Game Design Rengor 3 1326 Mar 17, 2003 3:08:52 AM
by Rengor  Last Page
Freezing swordfights
I've used the bug report tool to report this in the past, but now I can finally post screenshots. ...
Game Design dreadroberts 0 977 Mar 17, 2003 2:42:50 AM
by dreadroberts  Last Page
Scoring swordfighting
I realize this isn't the current focus, but it's worth noting, I think. Ranking in swordfighting ...
Game Design delusion 1 1160 Mar 17, 2003 2:30:28 AM
by Anonymous  Last Page
Trade Skill type things
I searched the forums but nothing about any form of trade skill, maybe you could have say a tailor ...
Game Design Sparkk 1 1165 Mar 16, 2003 1:20:37 PM
by Cleaver  Last Page
Well, for those who have already read the notice, please take note that we've changed the time. ...
Game Design Nemo 14 5572 Mar 16, 2003 10:29:53 AM
by Cleaver  Last Page
Pick-up crews
Pirates looking to enter the crew competitions, but who are lacking in pirates (or boats, or what ...
Game Design Nemo 0 941 Mar 16, 2003 4:10:00 AM
by Nemo  Last Page
A Pirate Wife For Me
[All due respect to Captain Walt and His Fearless Crew) Yo Ho ( A Pirate Wife For Me) Yo ...
Game Design elbaracho 0 1150 Mar 16, 2003 3:59:19 AM
by elbaracho  Last Page
Any recognize this weird text entry mode?
I haven't the foggiest idea what key combination I pressed to get into this mode, but I'm rather ...
Game Design Livesey 0 859 Mar 15, 2003 11:41:22 AM
by Livesey  Last Page
Going to the tournament?
Ahoy! I'd like to get a show of who will be there and who plans on sitting out ('specially if ...
Piratical Parley and Politics Thusnelda 13 3076 Mar 15, 2003 6:45:44 AM
by Garimond  Last Page
Threads: 192590   Pages: 6420   [ First Page | Previous Page | 6409 6410 6411 6412 6413 6414 6415 6416 6417 6418 | Next Page | Last Page]

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