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Ye Olde Bank
yarr, maybe a prompt fer reckless pirates who accidentally click the close account button on ...
Game Design Goblin 3 1285 May 9, 2003 5:38:55 AM
by Goblin  Last Page
NPP's piling up!
It's a bit tricky to search for npp's as a lot of them are standing on top of each other on the ...
Game Design stevoid 0 874 May 9, 2003 5:34:24 AM
by stevoid  Last Page
swordfighting rating
Just a little phenomenon happened to me... I was swordfighting with me mate Gentle Brooke, ...
Game Design Meghaford 2 1233 May 9, 2003 4:17:38 AM
by Rengor  Last Page
Can't log on after i got eaten on WS
Went into first building on the left on Winter...no interior, just black on the main screen, so ...
Game Design stevoid 15 2275 May 9, 2003 4:00:35 AM
by stevoid  Last Page
New patch! new ships! get yer maps here
So we get all new fresh ships and therefor need maps. The captains out there that are buying maps ...
Game Design Rengor 2 1177 May 9, 2003 12:16:58 AM
by muffy  Last Page
the markets aren't hiring?
At least, Papaya isn't.
Game Design muffy 5 1333 May 8, 2003 6:40:40 PM
by stevoid  Last Page
ship's pirate capacity
I was pillaging today, and I stopped off at WS to see if I could find a few better NPP's to hire... ...
Game Design Meghaford 3 1371 May 8, 2003 8:40:24 AM
by Meghaford  Last Page
Many New Pirates to Cross (swords with)
Avast. There's been something of an influx o new Pirates recently. It is with a little concern that ...
Game Design Cleaver 3 1465 May 7, 2003 7:17:58 AM
by DonCarnage  Last Page
I was wondering what kind of precausions the developers had in place to prevent 'cheating.' This ...
Game Design dnxthx 2 1368 May 7, 2003 3:13:17 AM
by Anonymous  Last Page
Where do I work again?
In the employment screen, it would be nice to list the island where each place of employment is ...
Game Design tw11st38r 0 1139 May 6, 2003 1:18:09 PM
by tw11st38r  Last Page
new form of government?
I prefer autocratic to the other forms of crew government, particularly as I saw how oligarchic ...
Game Design muffy 4 2504 May 6, 2003 11:51:06 AM
by Meghaford  Last Page
Low rum warning
It would be helpful if the crew gave off a warning that the rum was in low supply, prior to going ...
Game Design Ely 4 1382 May 6, 2003 12:25:30 AM
by 3eyedSusy  Last Page
New Contest for Tourney!
I have an idea for a new tournament event! It's sort of like Capture the Flag, but incorporates ...
Game Design homullus 6 1588 May 5, 2003 10:37:44 AM
by Cleaver  Last Page
Speedy Pirate
Harr, being new to the game, I be not sure whether this has been addressed 'er not. I've ...
Game Design Goblin 2 1506 May 5, 2003 10:33:04 AM
by Cleaver  Last Page
Lookin' fer white clothes of all kinds!
Subject says it all, mateys! Iffin yas got any extra white clothes layin around, specifically ...
Piratical Parley and Politics las0m 4 2178 May 5, 2003 4:54:18 AM
by Rengor  Last Page
How to use client in mozilla (linux)??
Can someone tell me how to use the client in mozilla? Thanks
Piratical Parley and Politics canseco 4 1673 May 2, 2003 5:56:04 PM
by Harlock  Last Page
I want to be a "pirate"
I want to be a pirate! I value competition! To me, nothing is more exhilarating than a win over ...
Game Design homullus 2 1214 May 2, 2003 10:26:14 AM
by Toxie  Last Page
temporary transfer of authority
In an autocratic crew such as mine, it is sometimes desirable to temporarily transfer authority (as ...
Game Design muffy 11 3130 May 2, 2003 5:48:26 AM
by muffy  Last Page
A new challenge... of the Swordfighting variety
Anyone to beat me 3 times in a row at Swordfighting will be the proud owner of me 5,000 PoE. ...
Piratical Parley and Politics Meghaford 4 1897 May 1, 2003 11:02:09 AM
by Rengor  Last Page
i need:
links to informational sites/posts on Y!PP. faq doesnt cut it, and i usually dont like to wait for ...
Piratical Parley and Politics bakamedic 11 2473 Apr 29, 2003 8:04:13 PM
by Harlock  Last Page
More trade route maps?
It seems like the old WS to X maps are not available anymore? I was wondering when we can get ...
Game Design Rengor 2 1196 Apr 29, 2003 5:44:23 AM
by Nemo  Last Page
Personal ratings in group drinking contests
Your standing seems to be taken down unnecessarily sharpish considering the luck factor ...
Game Design stevoid 8 1559 Apr 29, 2003 2:19:24 AM
by stevoid  Last Page
Accidental Ship Purchases
Okay, I've had enough. I've accidently bought 2 ships now... A Brig and a medium sized sloop. Can ...
Game Design tw11st38r 2 1286 Apr 28, 2003 9:57:48 AM
by Cleaver  Last Page
You ever get the feeling... ?
... that you totally messed up? ^_^ Having no clue regarding how this game works (read: total ...
Piratical Parley and Politics data77 2 1492 Apr 25, 2003 9:31:58 AM
by Rengor  Last Page
super ship speed
I have reported this as a bug but was wondering if i was the only person to experience this. When ...
Game Design 3eyedSusy 0 1081 Apr 25, 2003 12:25:10 AM
by 3eyedSusy  Last Page
Restarting the Trading Economy
We just wiped all the current stocks of commodities in the Shoppes and Markets and reduced the rate ...
Game Design Cleaver 5 1305 Apr 24, 2003 1:24:37 PM
by Rengor  Last Page
I was out with me mate Shadow yesterday trying to move some sugar when lo and behold some ...
Game Design Meghaford 2 1129 Apr 23, 2003 10:23:43 PM
by Meghaford  Last Page
Incentive to go to other islands...
Curious how others feel, and some solutions... For me, when I go trading, I like to pillage ...
Game Design tw11st38r 10 1867 Apr 23, 2003 1:57:40 AM
by Nemo  Last Page
Are there any player or developer made guides or fan sites that tell the location of all the shops ...
Piratical Parley and Politics Blitzen 3 2078 Apr 22, 2003 8:31:11 AM
by Rengor  Last Page
great game :)
i did a few ship jobs, the last one I just did, dont know what place but now I cant get back to ...
Game Design Vendayn 4 1506 Apr 21, 2003 8:08:08 AM
by Ely  Last Page
Threads: 192579   Pages: 6420   [ First Page | Previous Page | 6406 6407 6408 6409 6410 6411 6412 6413 6414 6415 | Next Page | Last Page]

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