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Gambling Pool
I am Going to start up a gambling pool, Im planning it for every Sunday around noon pst (seems like ...
Piratical Parley and Politics Sparkk 8 2042 Mar 19, 2003 1:12:07 PM
by muffy  Last Page
Where do I go to start playing?
I have registered but can't figure out where to go to play the game! Sandy
Piratical Parley and Politics sandman 3 1465 Mar 19, 2003 9:02:26 AM
by Anonymous  Last Page
Faster clothes changes
Would it be possible to add a faster way to change clothes, such as double-clicking the article of ...
Game Design dreadroberts 3 3345 Mar 18, 2003 1:06:21 AM
by tw11st38r  Last Page
Flags and multiple crew memberships
I know that flags aren't in yet, but we have a decent idea of what it will mean. I was wondering ...
Game Design Rengor 4 1512 Mar 17, 2003 9:26:08 AM
by Nemo  Last Page
New website for the Mad Mutineers!
Arrr I've been working on a new website for the Mad Mutineers. [url=http://ypp.lauritsen.us] ...
Game Design Rengor 3 1244 Mar 17, 2003 3:08:52 AM
by Rengor  Last Page
Freezing swordfights
I've used the bug report tool to report this in the past, but now I can finally post screenshots. ...
Game Design dreadroberts 0 926 Mar 17, 2003 2:42:50 AM
by dreadroberts  Last Page
Scoring swordfighting
I realize this isn't the current focus, but it's worth noting, I think. Ranking in swordfighting ...
Game Design delusion 1 1096 Mar 17, 2003 2:30:28 AM
by Anonymous  Last Page
Trade Skill type things
I searched the forums but nothing about any form of trade skill, maybe you could have say a tailor ...
Game Design Sparkk 1 1103 Mar 16, 2003 1:20:37 PM
by Cleaver  Last Page
Well, for those who have already read the notice, please take note that we've changed the time. ...
Game Design Nemo 14 5458 Mar 16, 2003 10:29:53 AM
by Cleaver  Last Page
Pick-up crews
Pirates looking to enter the crew competitions, but who are lacking in pirates (or boats, or what ...
Game Design Nemo 0 897 Mar 16, 2003 4:10:00 AM
by Nemo  Last Page
A Pirate Wife For Me
[All due respect to Captain Walt and His Fearless Crew) Yo Ho ( A Pirate Wife For Me) Yo ...
Game Design elbaracho 0 1107 Mar 16, 2003 3:59:19 AM
by elbaracho  Last Page
Any recognize this weird text entry mode?
I haven't the foggiest idea what key combination I pressed to get into this mode, but I'm rather ...
Game Design Livesey 0 821 Mar 15, 2003 11:41:22 AM
by Livesey  Last Page
Going to the tournament?
Ahoy! I'd like to get a show of who will be there and who plans on sitting out ('specially if ...
Piratical Parley and Politics Thusnelda 13 2952 Mar 15, 2003 6:45:44 AM
by Garimond  Last Page
A simple request
When I first started playing, the first thing I did was buy some footwear so I wouldn't be ...
Game Design byzantium 1 1024 Mar 14, 2003 7:16:57 AM
by Nemo  Last Page
Java Web Start keeps crashing!
Arrr.... the ship which brings meself to this fine place of yers keeps crashing! Meself wishes ta ...
Game Design TheViking 1 954 Mar 14, 2003 2:07:58 AM
by Anonymous  Last Page
Pirates Be Cool (Arrrgh!)
The cover story in the SF Weekly this week is all about pirates: ...
Piratical Parley and Politics muffy 3 1496 Mar 13, 2003 3:55:38 AM
by Nemo  Last Page
i was wondering if anyone can provide a link your where i could go to download the game stuff ...
Game Design Werowl 3 1118 Mar 12, 2003 3:40:05 PM
by Cleaver  Last Page
Any game mechanics change or get tweaked recently?
Even on a small scale? Just wondering what's been going on.
Game Design Cryptic 2 1422 Mar 11, 2003 2:59:21 AM
by dnxthx  Last Page
Release date? Final release?
What's the timline for beta/final release/etc? BlackDeath
Game Design tw11st38r 7 1627 Mar 10, 2003 7:39:29 AM
by tw11st38r  Last Page
When coding time allows, is there a chance that the client could see a "take screenshot" quick key? ...
Game Design Ely 13 2274 Mar 9, 2003 2:06:45 PM
by Rengor  Last Page
Just a note of thanks....
I've had a few unpleasent experiences with some other players in the game in the past week that ...
Game Design Jander 11 2783 Mar 5, 2003 11:56:30 PM
by Ramirez  Last Page
Will I be able to amass an empire?
Will I be able to amass an empire? Will i be able to shops/businesses, create a shipping ...
Game Design tw11st38r 2 1101 Mar 5, 2003 1:12:51 PM
by tw11st38r  Last Page
Can I do a /whois ?
Is there any / command to do a /whois, as I would in IRC? So if I see someone on, by way of a ...
Game Design tw11st38r 2 1275 Mar 5, 2003 8:40:36 AM
by Cleaver  Last Page
Newbie Help?
I just started playin, played a few puzzles and all, but is there a readme or some way I can figure ...
Game Design YourGod11 6 1616 Mar 4, 2003 2:33:26 AM
by Cleaver  Last Page
Dark Tide Restructuring
That's our secret plan. Now we'll have to kill you. ARGHH!
Piratical Parley and Politics Cryptic 3 1246 Mar 3, 2003 7:14:30 PM
by Cryptic  Last Page
Go Ye Dastards!
Recently, there has been some misinformation circulating about the Dastards. The three most ...
Piratical Parley and Politics dnxthx 1 1118 Mar 3, 2003 6:30:23 AM
by RedCandy  Last Page
I just accidentally deleted my character (Velvet). I thought I clicked to login, but I must have ...
Game Design RedVelvet 6 1740 Mar 3, 2003 3:06:14 AM
by RedVelvet  Last Page
I saw your website on your IRC channel and looking at the game descriptions they look pretty unique ...
Game Design GigaClon 1 1395 Feb 28, 2003 11:46:30 PM
by Gerto  Last Page
Off topic-- Welsh help
So I know this is supposed to be all about our favorite game, but I have a favor to ask. To all ye ...
Piratical Parley and Politics Thusnelda 0 1050 Feb 27, 2003 12:20:47 AM
by Thusnelda  Last Page
I'm not sure if this is in the works but...
As the tital suggests i'm not sure if this is in the works...it seems like it is. It'd be ...
Game Design NoBeard 0 811 Feb 23, 2003 10:25:08 AM
by NoBeard  Last Page
Threads: 192393   Pages: 6414   [ First Page | Previous Page | 6403 6404 6405 6406 6407 6408 6409 6410 6411 6412 | Next Page | Last Page]

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