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Sea Battles Lost
I find the majority of the sea battles I'm losing aren't do to poor navigating/puzzling but that ...
Game Design Nemoder 13 1443 Jul 21, 2003 1:20:53 AM
by muffy  Last Page
The Dock and Ship Info
It would be very helpfull to be able to see the location of ye crew and job ships at the dock. It ...
Game Design Penndalla 2 861 Jul 21, 2003 1:18:26 AM
by muffy  Last Page
Ship to Ship transferrs
I think it's been mentioned before, but I'm not really sure of the status. It would be hugely ...
Game Design LonesomeCrow 4 1388 Jul 21, 2003 12:12:27 AM
by Penndalla  Last Page
Ye want maps? We got maps! (Shipyard on Guava)
Announcing the opening of Old Spice's new shipyard on Guava, Slippery Sloops. Get yer maps to all ...
Piratical Parley and Politics muffy 7 1691 Jul 20, 2003 11:58:29 PM
by uzi  Last Page
For two whole days (not much, yar, but I be learning fast) I be practising me swordplay, and hear ...
Piratical Parley and Politics shockedfrog 3 1089 Jul 20, 2003 11:43:45 PM
by Penndalla  Last Page
question on duty ratings
I don't think I am crazy, but I thought I remembered a "Good" rating as helping your standing. Or ...
Tips & Tricks, Questions & Answers Aralyn 13 13890 Jul 20, 2003 9:34:38 PM
by Drakken  Last Page
Flag Communication
Arr, I be pleased with the flags so far. It seems that the biggest thing lacking be better methods ...
Game Design Penndalla 0 740 Jul 20, 2003 7:10:01 PM
by Penndalla  Last Page
Acceptable Behaviour, /complain and Ban Queries
What with many shipwrecks recently and consequent increase in the Pirate population, it seems like ...
Tips & Tricks, Questions & Answers Cleaver 0 2706 Jul 20, 2003 10:16:25 AM
by Cleaver  Last Page
Sales Spam (was: will i ever sell my hat?)
OFFICER EXCLUSIVE OFFER! White Feather Hat BELOW RETAIL PRICE 475poe asking price. SAVE 100 poe. ...
Tips & Tricks, Questions & Answers Anonymous 2 2413 Jul 20, 2003 9:39:43 AM
by Cleaver  Last Page
Sound problem
Ever since the last update I've not had any sound and was wondering if this is something others ...
Technical Issues Akivasha 10 3295 Jul 20, 2003 9:32:09 AM
by Ely  Last Page
"Discounted" Clothing for sale! (female only)
Ahoy mates. I've been sailing the seas here since winter, and I've gotten together a bit of a ...
Piratical Parley and Politics Mahouteki 2 950 Jul 20, 2003 5:26:18 AM
by Mahouteki  Last Page
Well folks it looks like the server just decided to go wibbly wobbly on us. Back up in two ticks. ...
Game Design Cleaver 0 829 Jul 20, 2003 4:47:23 AM
by Cleaver  Last Page
Economy system question...
I know this has been discussed alot, but I can't seem to get money from one island to another. I ...
Tips & Tricks, Questions & Answers IzGOod 1 828 Jul 19, 2003 9:58:30 AM
by crowsdiamond  Last Page
Y!PP Coverage
With [url=http://pc.ign.com/articles/429/429472p1.html]this preview[/url] from IGN, along with a ...
Piratical Parley and Politics Ely 0 824 Jul 19, 2003 3:49:58 AM
by Ely  Last Page
The server hiccupped this afternoon. It didn't crash, but shut itself down for a reason we are ...
Game Design Cleaver 3 790 Jul 18, 2003 10:57:24 AM
by Rengor  Last Page
New "duelling" puzzle idea: Pirate Dance
I be watchin' Shogun this last night on the TiVo with me wife and watched the main character ...
Game Design Walrus 1 648 Jul 18, 2003 12:49:01 AM
by crowsdiamond  Last Page
I got a new computer, how can i get my Pirates account/game?
[u][color=red]I'm on a new computer, and I don't have Pirates installed, I was wondering if instead ...
Technical Issues Anonymous 2 2431 Jul 17, 2003 2:44:11 PM
by okane  Last Page
shirt with belt
well like i mentione in a post before i be aimin fer the color blue.well i bought a dress top ands ...
Tips & Tricks, Questions & Answers okane 6 1563 Jul 17, 2003 2:40:51 PM
by okane  Last Page
Congrats to Duncan & Ursela!
Ye make a fine piratey pair! Have a great honeymoon and we all look forward to seein' ye both ...
Game Design Mercedes 17 2112 Jul 17, 2003 11:28:11 AM
by Gotagota  Last Page
Yarr! How be I moving from one archipelago to another?
I've just recently signed up for this game, and it's really rather addicting already. I'm on ...
Tips & Tricks, Questions & Answers Anonymous 3 1175 Jul 17, 2003 11:13:29 AM
by stevoid  Last Page
Trade routes...
I be a noble pirate looking for some trade routes and tips...Could any fair pirate lend me a hand ...
Piratical Parley and Politics Xeo 0 899 Jul 17, 2003 11:12:15 AM
by Xeo  Last Page
So I just fought a battle while jobbing with the navy...
Decent sized crew decided that a navy War Brig looked like a tasty target. Little did they know ...
Tips & Tricks, Questions & Answers Wedgie 1 1172 Jul 17, 2003 10:30:17 AM
by loftling  Last Page
Collecting wages
So we have to go around and collect our wages now. How? I've been to the places I work, ...
Tips & Tricks, Questions & Answers Livesey 16 2919 Jul 17, 2003 6:40:43 AM
by Rengor  Last Page
so, when puzzlepirates is officially released
how much it gonna cost? I was thinking around 5 dollars min and 10 dollars max..
Tips & Tricks, Questions & Answers Vendayn 2 1285 Jul 17, 2003 2:44:29 AM
by Cleaver  Last Page
I can't even log in to this game
[color=red]b]when I get to the account log in screen there is no mouse cusor that allows me to put ...
Tips & Tricks, Questions & Answers Anonymous 2 1302 Jul 17, 2003 2:10:35 AM
by Nemo  Last Page
Avast ye!
I've just joined ye fellas on the open waters, and goona be asking some posers. Wheres ye server ...
Tips & Tricks, Questions & Answers JetsetUK 5 2051 Jul 17, 2003 12:20:31 AM
by 3eyedSusy  Last Page
A Malicious Script?
Here is what happens when I start the game. Alert : Malicious script detected Your computer ...
Tips & Tricks, Questions & Answers MTsunami 5 1471 Jul 16, 2003 10:38:10 PM
by Soma  Last Page
I've read a bit of the Forums, and I've seen a few posts about Alpha and Beta. I've heard that I'm ...
Tips & Tricks, Questions & Answers Blink4m3 1 1034 Jul 16, 2003 9:54:28 AM
by stevoid  Last Page
what ports needed for netgear firewall to work with yohoho?
what ports do i need to open to get netgear firewall to work with puzzle pirates? thanks
Technical Issues Vendayn 1 1892 Jul 16, 2003 6:00:12 AM
by LonesomeCrow  Last Page
Own Naming of Ships
i would just like to suggest that ship owners are able to name their ship. i think it would be ...
Game Design scott1uk 1 767 Jul 15, 2003 10:52:19 PM
by homullus  Last Page
Threads: 192636   Pages: 6422   [ First Page | Previous Page | 6396 6397 6398 6399 6400 6401 6402 6403 6404 6405 | Next Page | Last Page]

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